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From: "Spens, Nat" <Nat.Spens@pfizer.com>
To: <info@hockerillboardingschool.co.uk>
Subject: Nice one
Date: 26 November 2003 21:51

Hi Ralph

Nat (Spens) here, last time I saw you I think you were riding a black Yamaha DT50 (odd what springs to mind when you see someone's name!). Great Job you've done with the site, I looked on 'Friends re-united' a couple of times to no avail, shame the bastards won't let you put a link in as I'm sure there's others out there who are looking. My sister (Naomi) put me on to your site, I believe she got it from Saul Saywood, please add both of our addresses to the list.

Nat.Spens@Pfizer.com (Me!)

NSpens@thekmgroup.co.uk (Naomi)

A bit about me for anybody interested. I've been living in Margate (Kent) for the last 10 years working for Pfizer (Yes, the Viagra people, no I can't send anybody some!) Been married and divorced, got 2 kids, Lauren (12) and Connor (10), the rest is all boring crap involving copious beer.

Hope there's another reunion on the horizon



From: Carriearace@aol.com
To: info@hockerillboardingschool.co.uk
Sent: Wednesday, November 12, 2003 1:57 PM
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars Reunion

Class of '83 Reunion

No firm date has been set for this, but it will be sometime during the summer of 2004 - which will celebrate 21 years of us leaving Hockerill.

So, if you want to see how your old class mates look now - especially the ones you had a "soft" spot for - get in touch. We can then add your details to the list, to be kept up to date with the progress of the reunion.

Love to see you all there

Carrie Anne, Janet, Caroline and Kate

From: <CScul@aol.com>
To: <ralphcrich@ntlworld.com>
Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2003 11:45 PM
Subject: Ten on ten Ralph! a house point too!

Hello Ralph
Impressive Site! I came via Friends reunited. Lovely to reminisce, best years of my teaching career in Thames Girls! Great time.
Inspired by your site I thought I'd contact a few old girls.....but received the following.
Thought you'd like to know.
I have some photos too, I'll scan for you.
Is there an Old Staff site?

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<kchapma5@ford.com> KERRIE jACKSON

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<alibabe67@hotmail.com> NOT SURE

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<maldrich@bigfoot.com> CAROLINE PRYKE

Hope all is going well for you
best wishes
Clare Scully

From: "Fulford, Jude, (FNMF)" <fulforj@fnmf.co.uk>
To: <info@hockerillboardingschool.co.uk>
Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2003 3:28 PM
Subject: A Site for sore eyes!


Ater much persistance from my sister I decided to have a look at your site. So impressed! Hve spent the last hour going through pictures, lots of Emma, its always the quiet ones.

I thoroughly enjoyed it,you've done a smashing job. I will be back to peruse later. Please can you post my E-mail address on the website should anyone wish to get in touch with me.

Thanks and take care,

Love Jude.

From: "Dominic Beken" <dominic.beken@virgin.net>
To: <info@hockerillboardingschool.co.uk>
Subject: Hockerill's Old Students
Date: 10 August 2003 17:46

Dear Ralph,

I have just visited your site - good work. I hope in time there will be more additions - being a hopeless keeper of photographs I'm afraid I have nothing to offer for the time being (obviously anything I come across I will send.) However, I thought you might appreciate a note to say how important a point of contact is.

I was particularly incensed by your section on Hockerill's subsiquent attitude to the alumni of the former boarding school.

I left in 1990, and shortly afterwards I believe the headmistress at the time (Alison Atkins) also left. From that point onwards all contact with former pupils ceased, even the annual prize givings which I always seem to remember included the previous year's leavers. This strikes me as a great shame, as being full boarders for five years, the school played a huge part in the lives of all the families whose children studied there.

The subsequent lack of interest and contact, not to mention the snub to your work I feel is quite insensitive to the feelings of former boarders. I will certainly be writing to the principal to ask for a link between the sites.

Meantime keep up the site and good luck.

Kind regards,

Dominic Beken

From: "James Streater" <james@maverix.co.uk>
To: <info@hockerillboardingschool.co.uk>
Subject: Hockerill Pictures
Date: 19 July 2003 13:53


Just found your site, rather cool. Nice shot of me holding a bee keepers book in the wilson roberts gallery. I should kick his arse for that one. I have scanned in a few shots that you might like to add. Good luck with the site.

James Streater (85-90)

Cick Here for photo's

From: "Whitehouse" <gittan9@telia.com>
To: <ralphcrich@ntlworld.com>
Subject: schooldays
Date: 26 June 2003 10:34

The memories came flooding back all the naughty stuff, having sex in the corridor down by the art & crafts depts and in the maths dept and in the humanities block and behind the stage etc ...Going on cross country runs and popping into the off license for apacket of fags and beer, and that mad pyromaniac who used to come with us and set fire to everything,couldnt turn ya back on him for a second.Lots of night visiting, sneaking back at 4 in the morning sas style and coming face to face with Mrs Harper emerging from Townsends flat and doing my best to look like the tree in front of the library.I think little Johny Thornton was with me. Remember when a load of us got nicked for shoplifting how they got all the details bugs me to this day, Hitler Von Brown had a field interrogating people, f------g w-----r. Hope nothing horrible has happened to him. I do have my suspicions as to who grassed us up.School trips always a good excuse for a piss upp as were school dances. We used to bury our booze in the bushes outside Roding Boys to keep it at the right temperature.Still see Eddy Driscoll and Ian Pammenter both still as mad as ever. Havent seen Rob for a while although Ive knocked him up a couple of times. Answer the bloody door! Hi to everybody Rick Whitehouse

From: "Mark" <charles_davis@fastwebnet.it>
To: <ralphcrich@ntlworld.com>
Subject: nice one ralph
Date: 24 June 2003 14:23

Hi Ralph

Nice site, give it another few years and I'm sure many of the missing people will leave their mark.

If your still maintaining the site perhaps you'd like to add this little group of originals (apologies for the quality).

Have a good day

Mark Davis

Click here to go to pupil photo's

From: "Morna Edmonds" <morna@edmonds5972.freeserve.co.uk>
To: <info@hockerillboardingschool.co.uk>
Cc: <morna@edmonds5972freeserve.co.uk>
Date: 21 June 2003 09:04

Hi what a shock when my mum told me that there was a web site about Hockerill old pupils, whats more of a shock I got on to it! Computers are not my strong point. I now life close to Bishop Stortford, Sawbridgeworth. And I know a couple of people that go to new Hockerill, I have to say the uniform has improved alot.
Nice to see some old faces and names on the web site and it would be nice to catch up with old friends.
Morna Edmonds

From: "Si" <s.graham83@ntlworld.com>
To: <ralphcrich@ntlworld.com>
Subject: website
Date: 04 June 2003 17:22

Well Ralph.........blast from the past or what.....just wanna say what a great job u,ve done with the site .....and yeah it bought all the memories floodin back.....not all good 1s either.
Don't know if u still keep the site updated but if u do could u add my e-mail address to the directory.....i think it will be quite interesting to see who replies.
I recently bumped into Mike Stephens(which was a masive coincidence as he lives in Manchester now & i still live in Colchester,he was here workin for a day or 2)and it was he that told me off your site,and shortly afterwards i bumped into Rachel Salmon(now married and not called Salmon)and she said she had actually been to 1 of your reunions and said that i should check it all out......So now i find myself doing just that and not being able to resist mailing a few people just to say HI . And now i,ve made the effort to do so i thought i might aswell go the whole hog and post my e-mail for others to use should they wish to.
Thanks alot Ralph,today has put a big smile on my face, not that i really needed it. I,ve already mailed Keith Craven who as u know was my partner in crime(well smokin anyway) and very much look forward to hearin from him and anyone else who wants to get in touch.Would appreciate if u could add me to the e-mail directory....................
CHEERS AGAIN Si Graham s.graham83@ntlworld.com

From: <AveryMob@aol.com>
To: <info@hockerillboardingschool.co.uk>
Subject: Class of 82's Reunion
Date: 09 April 2003 21:14

Hi all!
Way back in November at the Colchester Reunion, I volunteered myself to try and organise a get together for our year for the summer. I am finally getting my act together after much nagging from Dave Wiltshire! (sorry Dave!!!) I am looking at Chicago Rock Cafe in Bishops Stortford for Sat June 28th, and would love to hear whether you can come along! It is directly opposite the train station in Bishops Stortford, so very easy to find. We can eat there, and they have a party menu, the better of which is £11.95 per head. This includes starters and main. (Tex Mex type food- veggie options too). If you would like to eat, I will need a £5.00 deposit, and they also have two sittings- 1) Sit down for 7.00pm, eat at 7.30pm have table until 9.30pm. Or 2) Eat at 9.30pm, have table for rest of evening. Please let me know what you would prefer and I will go with the majority. Personally, I think the earlier sitting would be better, as the DJ starts at 8.00pm (playing music from our era!!!) and he can be quite loud! So it might be nice to exchange a few pleasantries before we need our megaphones!! I do not obviously have everyones contact details, so please pass the word around to anyone not included in this e mail, I will post the details on the Hockerill website and also with Friends Reunited aswell. So, for now, if you could let me know if you are interested, and if so what meal time you would prefer, I will then send out menu details (as you need to choose) and contact details so you can send me your deposit. If I could have answers by the end of this month that would be great!!
Many thanks, hope to see LOTS of you!!