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From: <Bogbrushmusic@aol.com>
To: <ralphcrich@ntlworld.com>
Subject: your site
Date: 22 December 2001 06:56

hi Ralph
Bernie Brlow here.I've been sitting at my computer for the last half hour cracking up. you've done a great job on this web site and it's been very entertailning.I'm gonna look out some pics that I have floating around for you.hope you have a merry xmas and a happy new year.congrats on the kids by the way.




From: "Matt Smith" <matt_smith36@hotmail.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 17 December 2001 14:43

Ralph how are you? Now you are wondering who the hell is Matt Smith? Well if your memory needs jogging I lived in Heybridge Basin, next to the Stiles with Clare Andrews' house at the back of mine, the same time as you and your brothers, I still bump into Paul as I'm still in Heybridge. Just come across you website, good work!! I suppose I would fall into the 1986 catagory of Roxwell, though I left at the end of the 4th year in 1985, a year early but we won't go into that). A few names that I remember from the 1986 lot, David Claydon, Jason Tokley, Mark Taylor, Simon Thornton, Clare Andrews, Leanne Mason, Jo Leech. Any of you, or anyone who remembers me, get in contact it would be great to hear from you

Great site Ralph

Matt Smith

From: "Steve Soulsby - Euro-Floor Design" <stevesoulsby@hotmail.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 17 December 2001 13:33

Hi Ralph,

My name is Louisa Soulsby & I left Hockerill in 1992.
In answer to Mike Stephens E-Mail...
The only teacher I still know of is Mr Bennett (English teacher). He is now working at a local school & still living in the same house. If anyone would like to contact him, they can E-Mail me on sales@euro-floordesign.co.uk.
Could you also add me to your mailing list please?
p.s. It's a great website, keep up the good work, & the reunion was great, so thanks to all the organisers.

From: "A Richards" <ar@benenden.kent.sch.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 12 December 2001 10:40

Hi, is there life out there!! This website is fab!! My name is Amanda Richards (Tracy), I was a Chelmer girl from 1985-1990. I am currently teaching Drama at a girls' boarding school in leafy Kent! Am Bridget Jones, so not married then!!! I would LURRRVE to hear from anyone who remembers me particularly, Chelmer girls. Like everyone else, really enjoying the website and the memories. (ar@benenden.kent.sch.uk)

From: "Mike Stephens" <MStephens@computerland.co.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Wot happened to our teachers ?
Date: 06 December 2001 09:20

Wotcha Ralph,
Great website that has helped me to get in contact with some people since 1984/1985.

I was wondering if anyone knew what happend to any of the old teachers ?

I did know that some of them did carry on at the school well after i left in 1984 ( or was it 85).

Speg (Sorry i just knew him as Speg :~) )

Mrs Marriage
Mr Brown
Mr Brooks
Mr Bogdin
Mr Davies

Any ideas ?



From: "the hobbsys" <the.hobbsys@virgin.net>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 03 December 2001 17:37


My brother (Robert Phimister) introduced me to this web site at the weekend, I must say it brought back some fond memories and the big question, Where are they now?

I noticed you have no names against schoolhouse girls for 80/81 which was the year I spent at Hockerill. I am sure in the depths of my loft I have the names of all the girls and it is just a matter of matching them up, I can not even work out which girl is me !! If you like I will dig it out and send it to you. I may even be able to send you the missing boys too.

Great site, good work

Jane Hobbs (previously Phimister)

From: <Bevjoslin@aol.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill%20Old%20Scholars
Date: 18 November 2001 20:30

Hi Ralph

My name is Bev Joslin - I used to be Bev James and was in the first 5th year at Hockerill (having previously been at Fyfield). I was the little chubby one with the brown hair who got to snog Alan Ashworth in the final term! (Sorry Alan!) I was also one of the first year prefects with Tamsin Allen - can remember two instances which would confirm we were not "perfect" prefects - but I don't think I should bring that up just at this moment!

Does anybody remember Paul Egglington? I think he joined the army on leaving Hockerill - and came from the Colchester area? Also Wendy Norman, Jo Landymore (was in contact with her a few years ago but sadly lost touch), Michelle Lawrence, Clare Alford, Jane Skudder, Sue Ryder, Stephen Massenhove (is that right?), Karl Griggs, Mark Abbs (didn't he join the RAF?).

I am divorced with one son Ollie and work for MIND the mental health charity. I'm living in Great Dunmow (not a million miles away from Fyfield or Hockerill) and I would love to go to the reunion and catch up with everybody.

Thanks for a great website.

Best regards to everyone!


From: "paul" <paul@ppritchard.fsworld.co.uk>
To: "ralph crich" <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: from paul pritchard
Date: 16 November 2001 20:25


From: "simon churly" <simonchurly@homergoesdoh.freeserve.co.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 14 November 2001 22:47

Will the genius who came up with this site please stand up and take a bow. Well done Ralph. I never thought that I would have anything to do with school on my Favourites list (it's kinda sad, yet cool at the same time!!!).

Yes, it's the other Churly brother here. The better one (well I would say that wouldn't I). I found this site and the 'Friends' one a little while back, but with time being as short as ever, I've not had time to post......until now.

For those who think that they remember me I was at Hockerill between '83-'88. Perhaps some people have been trying to forget me ;-)

So what memories do I have in my brain cell? How about the time I was woken at about 6am by one of my 'house', asking me if I would like the morning paper. I asked which one he had, and he said; Daily Mail, Daily Express, The Sun, Guardian, Financial Times and The Mirror......with that he said 'Sod it, have the while bloody lot'. He then threw a bundle of about 50 newspapers onto my bed, that he had 'acquired' from town a little earlier. Believe me, trying to hide 50 papers before we got the wake-up call was not easy!!!

For those who were in Chelmer boys, who can fail to forget those immortal early morning words of 'Wakey wakey, Rise and shine, Getting up time'. No prizes for naming the teacher. It still sends a shiver through me now.

Well, those are a few of my many memories. If anyone wants to get in touch with me or my brother please feel free to do so. We'll normally mail back. I am planning to be at the re-union, so hopefully I can catch up with a few of you then. If anyone is in Braintree and wants to meet up drop me a mail. I might just be able to shout you a drink (as long as it's water!!!!).

Take care everyone, and keep smiling ;-)

Simon Churly

From: "nigel taylor" <nigel@taytowers.freeserve.co.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 10 November 2001 23:43


I don't know if anyone remembers us, Anne & Nigel Taylor. We came to Hockerill for the Summer term 1984 & left in July 1989. Nigel was Head of Boys PE & took over School House Boys & by the end of our time there I was head of Girls PE and Assistant in Chelmer Girls. We had 2 children, gemma who has just completed her A levels & is on a gap year spending 76 months in Thailand, teaching at harrow International School. James is in year 11 & will do his GCSE's next summer. We camre to Ratcliffe College, Leicestershire, where Nigel was Director of Sport & I was head of Girls Boarding. Our roles have now reversed & he is head of Boys Boarding & I am Director of Sport.

Looking through the web site, old & new has been brilliant. We even saw on the old site, some old ski photos of ourselves, what a shock! It has been great to catch up on many of our old pupils & we remember Hockerill with fond memories. if any of you want to contact us we'd love to hear from you

Anne & Nigel Taylor

From: "Graham McKenna" <gmckenna@lineone.net>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 28 October 2001 16:52

To Ralph

What a nice surprise it was to come across this site, well done, I always wondered what had happened to all my old school friends.

Most people will probably not remember me (Graham McKenna) But I was at Hockerill from 1991-1993. Whilst there I gained a reputation for being a bit of a rebel! which is not entirely true!.

When I reflect on my days spent there I do have some very fond memories (excluding the times I was on social or academic report or being sent home!). Many people might be surprised to know I did actually achieve some good exam results, which goes to show what a great educational experience Hockerill was for me!.

I would love to hear from anyone who knew me,(e-mail: gmckenna@lineone.net), and I will certainly be attending this re-union, sounds like it could be a laugh.

Graham Mckenna

From: <Simon.Thornton@Toyota-FS.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Old Scholars
Date: 26 October 2001 19:13


I am sure that you can remember my elder brother John and myself although
it has been a while!

I will just have to attend the reunion on the 24th and judging by some of
the names seen on your site it should be a night of nostalgia!
I would just like to thank Jo Phillips (as I knew her!) for sending in that
photo of myself, Adam and Neil......NOT!!

By the way I still remember the zowies that you and J Marv used to hand out
as I am sure does Mark Wagstaff! - If he's still out there?

Looking forward to catching up with some old faces and can confirm that my
old partner in crime Jason Broadhurst will also be attending, all we ask is
that the beer is cold and plentifull!

Congrats on the site it's a good job someone had the foresight and
knowledge to put it together!

If anyone wants to make contact please feel free.

Hope to see you soon


From: "Melanie Belcher" <melbelcher@genie.co.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 24 October 2001 22:11

My name is Melanie Belcher (nee Newman) and I went to Hockerill 1988-1993. I was told about your site from Rachel Dixey (nee Brown) and I have just spent the best part of 2 hours browsing through. Rachel even pointed out to me that you have a picture from one of the fairs that has my Mum and Dad in it!!!!!

Since leaving School, I've studied (Yawn!), travelled (America...), worked (Boring!?!?!), married the love of my life and recently, (18.09.01), had my gorgeous little boy Jamie! (Well it's always best to be brief otherwise you could go on forever!)

I still keep in touch with a few people from my year, Rachel Dixey (nee Brown), Jolene Chaplin (nee Brunn) Paula Digby (for anyone in my year that remembers her). I would love to get in touch with anyone who remembers me... melbelcher@genie.co.uk

Can you please add me to you E-Mail Directory. Thanks for setting up such a brilliant site and making it possible to get in touch with old friends.


From: "Colin Stephens" <colin.stephens@dial.pipex.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 22 October 2001 12:53


My name is Julie Stephens (nee Kittle) and I was in the very first 5th year at Hockerill 1980-1981 having come from Fyfield.

I am really pleased that someone has gone to the bother of setting up a website for Fyfield and Hockerill. I agree that at the time you cannot wait to leave although I did enjoy my time, but you do look back and wonder where all those years have gone. I am looking forward to the school reunion on 24th November. I am coming with an old friend of mine Fran Overton nee Rice who was in the year below me.

It would be great to hear from anyone in my year who may be coming. I must get in that loft and dig out some old pics to bring with me!!!

From: "Natasha Holden" <natasha.holden@ntlworld.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Attending the re-union
Date: 20 October 2001 11:38

Hi its great to see that Hockerill is having a re-union so close to my home. I'm Natasha Holden and I left Hockerill in 1993 and I'm trying to get as many people together as poss (who haven't got a computer) to come along. My sister is also coming along with me Samantha Richings who left Hockerill in 1990. Mel Richings may also come but is a bit busy now as she is expecting her first baby any minute now. If anybody wants to contact them I will gladly pass on any messages Mail me at natasha.holden@ntlworld.com
See you soon Tasha.

From: "Scott Baldwin" <scott@baldwin46.fsnet.co.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 20 October 2001 17:34

Fabulous web site!!!! Although I don't remember much of my school life (Doctors say that it is probably better that way!!!) Seeing your website has brought it all flooding back. After confirming no ill effects I thought I'd send in a line to say that I do remember you Mathew Chambers ( how would I have passed Rural Studies if I didn't copy everything you wrote.
And you Seth Wells in a very tight fitting leotard type of affair at a certain school skiing trip.
And also, Hatty Lewington on the same skiing trip with Donna Clark trying to eat a slice of 9 inch pizza in one go!
Unfortunately I have not spoken to anyone else since about 3 years after leaving school and have lost touch with all.
It would be nice to try and speak to some again, catch up with what they are now doing.
After leaving Hockerill with all my dreams and ideals intact, sadly, my sanity wasn't. I ended up being a mobile engineer with a maintenance firm in London and spend my days happily notching up 35,000 miles a year on this nations fabulous road system, Where once in a while I make my weary way home to my wife and 2 1/2 yr old little girl, one insane dog(trained by me,Badly!), 2 cats and a garden full of frogs!( don't ask).
anyway enough waffling, any one wants to contact me feel free.
Take care yall.

From: "simon churly" <simonchurly@homergoesdoh.freeserve.co.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 17 October 2001 05:24

Wow, what a blast from the past. Did we really have those clothes, those hair styles and those girlfriends????? It must have been an experiment !!!!!!!

My names Rob Churly and I ended 5 Years of hard labour in 1989. Living in Chelmer Boys (Yes !!! The house with the worst sports record ever known to man, before you say anything Kerrie Jackson !!!!)

All the memories, all the regrets. Its true what they say, school days are some of the best days of our lives - and there were definitely some of those at Hockerill.

Who, in my year, remembers the poor little bastard frogs that used to live in the tank at the back of the Chemistry Lab. How they survived on the student fed diet of left-over Hydrochloric Acid, Magnesium and Litmus Paper defies logic.
Also being introduced to the amazing effect bunsen burners had on the 'bad-job' educational posters stuck to the wall in the lab, I don't think anyone in the room that day will ever forget the look on Townsend's face when he saw his lab was about to go up in smoke - WHAT A PICTURE!!!!! (P.S. I know who did it, but you'll never make me talk Von)

Who else in Chelmer House remembers being dragged out of their rooms in the middle of the night by 'the almighty housemaster' to stand 'with feet 3ft from the wall and noses and foreheads touching the wall' for hour upon hour as punishment for a minor mis-demeanour. I can name at least 6 of you!!!!

I think my strongest memory of all, of my time spent in the camp, must be of the same words spoken by VON every morning at assembly. I think the words went roughly as follows -:

The following people, (could you please stand when I call out your name!) will be on DDS for the following week. They are Alan Roberts, Victor Smith, Robert Churly, Jacob Darvill, Alan Hardy and Charles Bryning.

All I can say is a BIG UP to the DDS Posse!!!!!!!!

Just to let those that know me know where I am in life - After leaving school I spent 3 years working in Hotels and restaurants before spending the next 3 years as manager at Dukes night-club in Chelmsford. Following that I took on a pub on the outskirts of Braintree and then moved back into the club scene.
I'm now living and working all around the country opening new bars and night-clubs, with the latest one opening in February 2002 being in Wimbledon. (Anyone wanting tickets for the opening give me a shout??!!)

I really hope to be at the next re-union, but in the mean time it would be great to hear from anyone out there who feels like getting in contact. You can use the address above.

Take care,

Rob Churly

From: "wendy.e.c" <wendy.e.c@tinyworld.co.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 15 October 2001 22:30

Hi Ralph,
wowww, what a blast from the past. My name is Wendy, and was Craven. I went to Kennylands in 78, then on to Hockerill in 80 leaving in 1983, and loved every moment. I cried my eyes out when I left. It was great seeing so many names and a faces I recognised, I was squealing like a three year old. By the way my husband thinks he knew you from junior school! Did you live in the Danbury/ Heybridge area ?
News up date. I will be the grand age of 35 in November, and am married to an incredibly sexy man called David. I have five children, (told you he is sexy) Joanna (14), Sam (11), Tommy (9), Georgia (3), and Grace (1). The freaky thing is I so remember being 14 like my daughter, so she is banned from everything !!
I work with Cerebral Palsy sufferers, and am in the final stretch of a Law degree ( I should at this moment be down loading some tedious Government white paper on consumer rights, yawn)
I was in Windsor girls at Kennylands, and I do remember Katherine Nickless, she was in Amanda Bullocks year I think, I see Amanda a bit as her daughter is in my sons class, she's something quite impressive in the tax office (Witham).Then at Hockerill I was in Roding girls, with the lovely Miss Robertson and miss Naujokas. From there I keep in touch on and off with Robert Hill ( plumber, married ), Mable (Maureen Parke, married, 2 children, big in banking), and matron and Mr T, who have recently moved near me. I saw Claire Cooper and Ruth and Debbie Langton in Feb 2000, on the terrible day of Michaela's Funeral (coughlan), if Claires reading, thanks for holding my hand.
Its great hearing names I remember, the loveable Shirley Wiltshire my History partner, Kathryn Roberts, Carol Algar, Sarah Richardson, Simon O Brien (first kiss), Mick Paul (oh my God!!!!).
I went to a reunion about 6/7 years ago, but don't remember much, too much to drink and Julian Eaton was there looking gorgeous, and that was enough for me, I still remember those long equasions you showed me in the maths block Julian.
I have a brother Keith, who is two years younger, he went to Hockerill for a couple of years, he was in windsor boys. He's a chef, although is in the process of travelling the world and is currently in Cambodia. He was in Shaggy's (can't remember real name) year, I think. I f anyone is interested, his email is keith.craven@hotmail.com
Well I will close for now as that white paper is calling, but I would love to hear from anyone who wants to be in touch, but please forgive me if I am not quick to reply, as I am pretty crap on a computers.

Well done Ralph, you've made an old girl very happy,

love Wendy Cronshey (nee craven )

p.s would love to come to the reunion.

From: "susan Pugh" <suzypugh@msn.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 15 October 2001 20:40

Dear Ralph.
What an amazing find. I cannot believe how many of us are out there. I was Head girl at Hockerill in 82 I think!!! I was best friend of Suzy May and remember many of the names that have visited your web sight. I remember mostly the school Discos being the girl friend of Benj who use to DJ then. Oh what happy memories.
I can remember Von Brown marching through the corridors, poor boy in tow dragging him by the ear. Speg. What ever happened to him?
Your web sight has bought back so many happy memories and i shall try and come to a reunion ASAP.
If Micky Paul gets in contact give him my e-mail. many an afternoon was spent with him sorting out his problems with Suzy May!!!!!! Oh how I miss those carefree days.

Love to all. Susan Pugh ( Walker)Get more from the Web. FREE MSN Explorer download : http://explorer.msn.com

From: <jka.avory@ukonline.co.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 14 October 2001 10:51


Just looked at the Old Sholars site. It's brilliant. I have put my details on Friends Reunited, but would like to put my e-mail address on the site. Could you tell me the best way so I can start contacting my old school friends.

I left in 1983 (the same year as Su Beacham, Sam Kemp, Shirley Wiltshire and Theresa Squire).

My e-mail address is jka.avory@ukonline.co.uk


Kathryn Roberts

From: "Lynda Bedford" <essexbird20@hotmail.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 11 October 2001 20:15

Hi Ralph,

Just found the site - it's brilliant.
I left in 1982 - same year as Sue May and Nadia Carr
Like all the others I hope to make it to the reunion

See you then

Lynda (Sears)

From: "Gallagher, Richard" <RGallagh@lehman.COM>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: School House 1984
Date: 11 October 2001 10:24

Managed to dig these two photos out for you!
I have some more but I'm afraid I may send them in "dribs and drabs"

Also I will be attending the reunion I left Hockerill in 1989


Richard Gallagher

From: "Manager Old Bridge Hotel" <manager@oldbridgehotel.fsnet.co.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Class of '84
Date: 08 October 2001 17:42

Ralph you have made a great job of this site, its great to see so many familiar names. I found the site on friendsreunited.com on your notes. I am currently the manager of a Hotel in West Yorkshire and have been in the Travel/Leisure industry since leaving education so what with all the beer a lot of the memories have faded. This site has helped revive a few of those and helped raise a few smiles. The people I remember the most are the Thames boys, Keith,Toby, Sean, Mark, Ivan and Douglas and Thames Girls like Sam Corke. Looking back i thoroughly enjoyed those days.

Tim Rawlinson.

From: "chris wayne" <waingroove@hotmail.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: '86-'91 old boy
Date: 04 October 2001 19:19



From: "Teresa Driscoll" <TDriscoll@eworkplace.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Great Job Ralph!
Date: 02 October 2001 17:47


I remember you. Last time I saw you you had a few choice zits and yellowhair! Infact looking at all those photos old pals have supplied you with, I am absolutely the last who should be commenting on appearance!

I often think back to my days at Hockerill, the most prevalent memories are of Von Brown summoning me to his office and telling me not to dare step on the red carpet, then proceeding to give me a right telling off and letting me know how I was lowering the tone of Chelmer girls, which was a miracle in itself as the tone of Chelmer girls between 1981 and 1984 was at rock bottom. (coincidentally those were the years I was there)

In Chelmer girls, Miss James was our house mistress, and Miss Scofield was the second in command. When Miss Scofield was on duty, after lights out she would be in our corridor walking back and forth trying to catch "talkers', when she did, it would first be 'no fi-l-m, (she was Irish) that always made us laugh, which got us into more trouble, and by the end of the night, we were not only deprived of our occasional film, but casuals, signing out, eggy bread and beans would also be banned!

My memories of school are mostly good ones. There are of course the less memorable ones which tend to stick in ones head...I remember on my first day when I was lining up for lunch and this girl pushed in front of me, I was rather upset, so I shoved her out of the way. Little did I know that I had just shoved the most feared girl, not to mention disco dancing diva, Sally-Ann Deade right out of the way. I remember dearly our subsequent run-ins, maybe she does too!

I remember a particular ramble I went on with Jane Young, Michelle Alabaster and Edith Robinson. We walked to my house in Little Hallingbury, stocked up on booze after breaking into the empty house, returning to school, stashing the stash, then getting called to the headmaster's study where I got a royal telling off. Thanks Jane by the way, for taking most of the rap!

My all time favorite memory occurred after lights out. We had just come back to school after a leave weekend, and were too wired to sleep. Debbie Preston was quietly watching her mini TV, Michelle Alabaster was reading, and it seemed like Edith was eating crisps under her blanket. Debbie and I kept shooting each other looks, as if to say "why doesn't she share?" As we always shared our sweets and things, when all of a sudden Edith emerged from under her blanket and sat bold upright. Her face was as white as a sheet. She got up and proceeded to get onto my window ledge, open the window and jump down on to the science block entrance roof. Debbie, Michelle and I were terrified. I ran to the common room where matron was on duty that night, and told her what had happened. She called her beau and future hubby "Roger" (biology teacher) to come and help out, and we all ran to our room.
As we went in, the smell of glue was thick in the air and Edith was still playing silly buggers outside my window. Silly moo had been sniffing from a crisp bag for hours. It all ended peacefully, with a lengthy stay for Edith in the infirmary.

I remember shortly after becoming a prefect and being on lunch duty with 'Smooth' (Mr. Cooper). I was rather chuffed with myself in becoming a prefect considering my past, so I thought that I would celebrate by initiating a food fight which started by me throwing a potato at Aubrey after Smooth had left the room. The Gert shouted "FOOD FIGHT' and all hell broke loose, amazingly some bright spark planted himself next to the entrance on the look out for the possibility of an approaching authoritative figure. As soon as one was spotted, we stopped throwing food and carried on as if nothing had happened. I pity the poor souls who were on DDS that day; there was food on the floor, walls and ceiling!

I have often wondered what became of my old school pals. I managed to keep in touch with Jane Young for a while, but since she got married back in 1998 have not heard from her. I hear about Naisha through the Felsted old scholars grapevine, but that is about it. It was great to see some familiar names on your email page.

The day I left school, Friday 13th of July 1984, I left the UK for good. I joined my family in Spain and lived there for almost 20years, since then I have been living in Southern California, where I believe Bernadette Barlow lives. Berni, if you are out there drop me a line!

Looking back, I mostly remember surnames, as that's how we addressed each other, on that note I would like to say hi to the following; Preston, Young, Blake, Smurf, Maynard, Clayton, Marvin, Waggy, Dibs, mallard, Joyce, Swannel, Carew (Brains), Hutley, Kemp, Lewington, Joslin, Leech and Saywood. (oops I forgot Pegleg and Worm) I hope you are all well and happy and enjoying life.

Has anyone heard anything of Ivan Hand?

Thanks Ralph for giving us the opportunity to make contact with long lost friends, and for giving us the chance to reminisce. Keep up the good work.

Teresa Driscoll
eWorkplace Solutions
Suite 200
23422 Mill Creek Drive
Laguna Hills
CA, 92653
Tel: (949) 583 1646
Email tdriscoll@eworkplace.com <mailto:tdriscoll@eworkplace.com>

From: <Jasjadjos@aol.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 01 October 2001 15:35

hello there im the lad you have a question mark for next to wayne perry in roding 82 my name was martin McCandless i left in 84 its a great site and when i saw all the name si immediately recognised most of them where is big ears perry or rubber lips wilson now (sorry lads) id love to come to a reunion when the next one is ill find out what a great site been on an hour already anybody remember me email me on JASJADJOS@aol.com

From: <Minidriver69@aol.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 29 September 2001 14:39

Hello Ralph,
I don't suppose you remember me. I was a late starter at Hockerill. I joined as a third year in April '84.(you were a fifth year) Chelmer lass with S.J. Tenent (still best friends) Emma Fulford, Melissa Grout, Jo Philips and all the other hot babes.
I'd never of thought I'd see a Hockerill Old Scholars Web Site.
It gives you a mix of emotions.
I can't believe how many people are in touch, thanks to you.
You were a bit of a rebel in my eyes. Sometimes I think how great it would be to spend a weekend there as pupils in our old houses. Going down to the hall for breakfast. Three hours of maths on Saturdays! 'Quiet time' on Sundays in the dorm to write home.
I have photos somewhere. I'm going to search for them now!
Keep up the good work.
Marnie (Caruzzi)

From: "Sarah Osborn" <S.Osborn@ukgateway.net>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 28 September 2001 13:09

Hi Ralph,
I have just been sitting at my computer for about 2 hours going through this brilliant site; I really wanted to drop you a line to say well done and "a Hi to everyone that remembers me"! Reading Theresa Squires email and seeing some of the pics (some were a bit dark so couldn't quite make out who was who) but Michaela Coughlan and Claire Cooper hadn't changed one bit. I am sorry to hear that Michaela wasn't well (not sure what's wrong but send my regards anyway). I was always in awe of her and Wendy Craven as they were the "lasses" of our year. I was Sarah Richardson and am now Sarah Osborn and can you believe working back in Bishop's Stortford for a firm of sols. Seeing Carol Algar and Caroline Pryke's names brought back memories too Carol always quite quiet but a good sense of humour (good friends with Sue Beacham too, if I remember rightly?) and Caroline as head girl and very workaholic. Little Paddie also brings back happy memories - he was (and by all accounts still is) a really lovely bloke, glad to see he's well and happy. In one of my many jobs I worked in Sains for a while and saw Mr Neale our old PE teacher? His wife Sue (she was also a PE teacher) had MS and was very ill. In fact I recognised Mr Neale in our local pub as he used to play football for them, talk about a small world. Someone mentioned about the likes of Mark Russell, he was the year above me and was head boy, did they know he played for Harlequins (prob about 4/5 years ago) as I saw him a couple of times playing and was still huge (as in legs by the way!!). Kate Allen also lives in the village I live in too (she had an older sister Tamzin and younger brother with a funny name which I can't remember). I left on rather clouded terms having done something v.bad (nightvisiting!) and completely unlike me. Still you live and learn. I had been to one reunion in Witham that Carrie Anne Norman had organised and Michaela and Wendy had been there and even Ryan Smallbone - can you remember him? I think he left at the end of what would have been our 3rd year (the first year we were at Hockerill) and he was working in the City and still the same, very flirty! The last odd recollection I have was of seeing Scatty Sally Scates working in an Esso garage on the A120 about three years ago. She remembered me and I was completely thrown! Good luck with the site. By the way I have got some photos too which I'll try and scan and send ASAP.
Sarah (S.Osborn@ukgateway.net)

From: "Kat" <kggp100kosherspamonly@york.ac.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 26 September 2001 17:59

Hi Ralph,

I only left Hockerill last year after having been there from 1996, so I'm not a very old Old Scholar really. I was one of the first lot of international students now at the school, and I was also in the first year to go through the new Sixth Form. I was in Roding, which was the only girls' house left when I arrived, but last year they opened a new Junior Girls' house. The school definitely changed a lot even throughout the time that I was there!

If there is anyone else from my time around, especially people who left in 97 or 98, I'd love to get in contact with them!

All the best,

Katharina (Kat) Petersen

University of York

From: "Jeremy Dale" <jeremy.dale1@virgin.net>
To: "Ralph Crich" <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Re: Kennylands/Hockerill Old Scholar 1979 - 1984
Date: 26 September 2001 21:27

Hi Ralf,

I notice your website is growing!!!
I have just had a good old rummage through an old shoe box and I have come across some very scary photos of Thames girls 1981 - 1984, Fifth years of 1984 and an old map of the school which was given to me when Hockerill was reopened in 1980 ( and the mug too, how sad! any one else got the mug?!!!) I also have come across some old school reports which I won't bother showing you or any one else!!! I don't even think my Mother has seen them yet!
Keep up the good work and enjoy the old photies!

Love from Alison x

From: "Clive Smither" <clive.smither@webtribe.net>
To: "Ralph Crich" <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: RE: Reunions
Date: 26 September 2001 17:16

Hi Ralph! Karolina here once again.I have managed to find out what dates are still available to book for a party.The woman who hires them out by now knows me really well as we'v had so many there,so she wil hold it for me till this monday coming.After that I have to put a deposit down.Could I ask you to do a page for me asap with the proposed details ,I need to know which date would be best for people,bearing in mind its the xmas work party season.If I at least get a few responses by mon I could let her know mon evening.I know its all a bit short notice and u might be really busy ,so dont worry too much if u cant do it in time.
Here are the details:

Reunion/xmas party
Karolina Nick Pat Kerrie and Rosalyn are organising a get together
Proposed dates- sat 24th nov OR sat 1st dec 2001.
Venue:The Arena,Colchester
Hall and disco till 1 am
A collection towards the costs will be expected from everyone(170 people =
£1 each) approx.
Any money left over will go to the American disaster appeal
Maps,directions,hotel details to follow.

Please can u stress we need to know ASAP which date more people can turn up on.
If there is some way u can do a front page ad for this on your site that would help.
They can either contact me or Kerrie Jakson or if there is a space to fill the prefered date even better.

I hope this is ok.Any probs just mail me.Like i said,pls dont wory too much ,i know u must be busy like the rest of us.Do what u can,we're grateful for any help.

Hope to hear from u soon

take care and THANKS

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From: "Devoto, Nadia C" <Nadia.Devoto@BellSouth.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 24 September 2001 23:35

Please add my name to the email directory. I am Nadia Carr (now Devoto) from the class of 1982, and my email address is nadia.devoto@bellsouth.com . Congratulations on creating such a wonderful site. I haved lived in America since 1987 and had totally lost contact with all of my school friends. Through this site, I have managed to track down and contact several people from my year.
Thanks for all of your efforts,
Nadia Carr Devoto

From: "Jo Jack" <j.o.jack@btinternet.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 13 September 2001 21:19

Dear Ralph,
As promised photo's from when I was at Hockerill.
pic.1 left to right. Marnie, Emma, Jo Yr 4 field trip 1985
pic.2Chelmer boys 1983 sorry only know the names of the front line. L>R Paul Wood, Jason Phillips, Neil Lambert, Adam Jiggins, Alan????, David Smith, Ben Miller, Daniel Wagland , Nicolas Morgan, Chris Hardy.
pic.3 Chelmer girls 1983 again I can only rember the first line. L>R Jo Leech, Emma Fulford, Sarah
Eastgate, Melissa Grout, Sarah-Jane Tenent, Nichola Hodgkinson, Dawn Carew, Kirsty Hands
Jo Phillips.
pic.4 Disco 1984 L>R Simon Thornton, Neil Carter, Adam March
pic.5 L>R Emma, S-J, Mel
pic.6 L>R Sarah, Jo
pic.7 L>R Lesley, Debbie
pic.8 Sorry this one might be too fuzzy to use. Chelmer girls 1986
pic.9 Mark Wagstaff 1984
pic. 10 L>R sorry? Becky, Leanne, Mel, Michelle, Siobhan, bottom Nicky

All these pictures are of people in my year who left in 1986.I hope they are of use to you.
All the best for the future to everyone.

Jo Jack ( was Jo Phillips)

From: "Jo Jack" <j.o.jack@btinternet.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 12 September 2001 22:40

Hello, great to find your website. I have got loads of photos and will try and dig them out within the next few weeks and send them to you. I left Hockerill in 1986 and have been amazed to see how many people I remember by visiting this site. Will be in touch soon.
Jo Phillips

From: "clare ager" <clareager@btinternet.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 11 September 2001 22:04

Congratulations Ralph on an excellent website.I was just looking at some of the new photos and recognised a few faces that are so far unnamed.Its the Thames House Boys photo,1984-85.The second year boys are,?,Toby Weston,Nick Bryce,Simon Salter,Mark Richardson,Dominic Dore,?,Simon Peterson and Stephanos Christophi.
I will try to dig out some photos to add to the Chelmer blank space.

From: "Kevin Hibbett" <kevin@itadnetwork.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 10 September 2001 17:37

well i wouldnt say i am an old scholar from hockerill i left in 1994. When they decided to ruin the school. fire the best teachers MR BOGDIN, oh sorry no its volunatarily redunce. But i think it was forced, anyway to say the least i did have some very fun years and its been great to think about it all again. I do have some photos of pupils and the school but they are from the ninetys.but i will forward them to you. anyway thanks for a great site.

lizz fuller class of 94.

my email is dizforbes@hotmail.com forbes being my married name now...

From: "SteveAbbott" <steve.prism@ntlworld.com>
To: "Ralph Crich" <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Thanks Ralph
Date: 09 September 2001 17:08

Seems everytime i post an email on your site someone else contacts me,
i have had some quite excellent results so i thought i would try again this time a bit harder .. i am trying to track down Steven Lambert ,David Wagstaff and Mark Russell and Ian Pearce...have you or anyone got any ideas where these guys are i would love to hear from them again!

Thanks Mate
Steve Abbott

From: "Matthew Thompson" <mntcolchester@hotmail.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Photo's As Promised!
Date: 02 September 2001 22:25

Hi Ralph,

A while back I promised if I got a scanner I'd send some pictures through to the site. Well I haven't upgraded my PC yet, but due to a m8 getting a more advanced package with a scanner I can fulfil my promise!

So hopefully you'll get the pics with this email.

Taken in 1987 - Final year for us at Hockerill (The class of 82-87)

Thames House Boys, taken in 1984-85
5th yrs - Nick Fisher, Tox Ossakoya, Justin Platt, David Chambers, Jimmy Edwards, Daniel Gurney, Lawrence Swift, Peter Ferguson
4th yrs - Pete Dyer, Alex Charles, Adam March , Oliver Dyer, Neil Carter, Oliver Kirby, Richard Greatorex, Jefferey Bouqet, Stephen Burrows, Lawrence Swift
3rd yrs - Tim Holmes, Adrian Coppin, Bijan Fouldagar, Jason White, Steven Alexander, Jon Gilchrist, Toby Bean, Matthew Chambers, Damon Alcock, Richard Pemble, Timothy Morton, 2nd yr?
2nd yrs - ?, Toby Weston, & can't remember any other names for them!!

This one must have been taken in 1985-86. Swimming Club at Swimming Gala. Thames House.

Thames House Boys taken 1983-84.
5th yrs - Toby Brodrip, Tim ?, Mark Cowan, Sean Maynard, Keith Dockerty, Douglas Kirby
4th yrs - Lawrence Clifford, James Edwards, David Chambers, Nick Fisher, Peter Ferguson, Daniel Gurney, Justin Platt
3rd yrs - (Steven Alexander -2nd yr), Stephen Burrows, Pete Dyer, Oliver Kirby, Adam March, Oliver Dyer, Neil Carter, Alex Charles, Lawrence Swift, Jefferey Boquet, (Adrian Coppin - 2nd yr)
2nd yrs - Bijan Fouldagar, Toby Bean, Timothy Morton, Richard Pemble, Jon Gilchrist, Matthew Chambers, Damon Alcock, Tim Holmes, Jason White

Another (last year) photo taken 1987

The guys are (left to right): Tim Morton, Toby Bean, Matthew Coplestone, Andrew Smith, Martin Brown, Seth Wells, Richard Pemble. The girls (front row): Lucy Dear, Claudette Bernard, Amanda Charles, Harriet Lewington?, Dominique Clery, Tanya Woodgate, Liz Foicik. Rest of the girls: Dolly ?, Sian Mcarthy, Sharron Worth, Stephanie Randles, Kelly Stanton ?, Gayle Ringrow, Kerry Ann Hatt, Amanda Drane, Marie Thompson, Lisa Barnes, Kat Martin, Katie Isles, Lorna Cooke, Vicki Cudd, Lisa Guess, Sam Nichols, Susan Rowley - I believe I've got everybody correctly named!!


From: "Dave claydon" <daveclaydon@mac.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 06 September 2001 23:19

Well this is his second visit to the website and glad to say I finally got hold of some pictures which I will be sending in a few stages hopefully Ralph you seem to be a busy man with all the people that are contacting you at the moment, but you should get sometime to put them in and Roxwell will at last have a picture on the site.

Weird you don't speak to anyone in nearly 15 years and with the help of the Internet or a website that someone thought up you start speaking speaking to people again even if it is only via e-mail.

Hope that someone soon organise another reunion as due to only finding the site few days before the last reunion, I was unable to go what with family commitments but nevertheless remain very eager to get together with anyone out there. Please note if anyone's offended by the pictures I do apologise however I think its worth a giggle.

All best

Dave Claydon

From: "g.abbott" <g.abbott@ntlworld.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 05 September 2001 19:34

ONLY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What can i say ohhhhh mmyyyy goddddddddddd.

What a rush, what a trip,and what a hair style.and no i never did drugs. Ralph you are truly a remarkable person for all this hard work i cant believe this site.
So many memories came flooding back and what a memory god that was so long ago now but you made it feel like yesterday.
I will get to a reunion at some point now you have my address i hope you let me no.
How are you all doing after all these years i lost touch with everyone really but now feel like i never did. ill have to dig my leavers book out see what you and the others wrote.
I remember you ralph most of all for sitting in the dinning hall and discovering you could regurgitate fish fingers and chips and constantly did it everyday after.
Thanx for the memories Ralph truly great catch some of you soon i hope

gavin abbott.

From: "MATT TILLER" <tillers@rv-01.fsnet.co.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 03 September 2001 21:51

Well Hi there, i was at Hockerill from 1980 to 1985 i still try and keep in touch with people from school but it is very hard, i would love to hear from anybody that remembers me, i speck to Kathy Legros Rachel Salmon and Denise Newman every year or so, heard from melaine Garstang today it was great. I had a lot of good times at school, i would love to get in touch with mel Dear and Louise Plastow as i lost contract.

Paula Clarke

From: "KEMPSTER, LANCE [AG/8050]" <lance.kempster@monsanto.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: FW:
Date: 03 September 2001 18:17

Alright Ralph!
My sister Sally said there was a mention of my name on the old scholars web site-didn't even know it existed! Read with interest Steve Abbotts story of the homebrew beer.He seems to have neglected the fact that he got so pissed he even drank the sediment at the bottom of the farmer's wife orangeade bottles we used to put the booze in! He then proceded to try and climb out the top storey window in Roding wearing only his blue dressing gown cos he thought you could fly!
Brief update on what I've been upto since school - 2 years doing A level Physics,Biology and O chemistry at Dovedales,Chelmsford, then 4 years at Writtle Agricultural college doing HND Agriculture. Then it was 7.5 years at a small sugarbeet breeding company at Malden,Essex -made redundant-got job straight away at PBI,Cambridge-UK largest wheat breeding company and been hear 5 years.
Getting married next November to Philippa who I met 8 years ago in Dukes night club,Chelmsford(the last place I saw you if I recall?) and I now live in stansted village which is 5 mins from Hockerill!!-go pass school every week-it don't half look small now.
Do you remember Ian Child and me 'beating you up' everytime on the coach back to Chelmsford at half term etc -you're probably bigger than both of us put together!

Keep in touch,Lance.

Lance Kempster,

From: "Jeremy Dale" <jeremy.dale1@virgin.net>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Cc: <alibabe67@hotmail.com>
Subject: Kennylands/Hockerill Old Scholar 1979 - 1984
Date: 01 September 2001 21:41

Ralf mate, you are a genius!!!

ALISON GRAVES HERE! (well Mrs.Dale now)
I was an Oxford and Thames girl and in the early days was known as "little Alison" or "Bunny rabbit" which then led to "The B.B.Bunny" (thanks to SUE MELLARD!!)
I would love to get in touch with my old dorm mates (SHARON, SUE, MARGO,SAM, ANNETTE AND SIMONE) and anyone else, so many names spring to mind JUDITH SWANNELL , LOUISE BROOKER, PEG LEG, JULIE BROOKS-DOWSETT the list is endless.
I have read most of the emails which I recognise many names (its nice to see TIFFANY COXALL doing well in L.A.)
If anyone would like to share horrific memories of Bunnies, Goats, Mr. Browns saturday matinee, Eggy bread or Matron. please email alibabe67@hotmail.com

WELL DONE RALPH ! (love the photo - the young Ralf is so sweet I remember you so well!)

From: "Steve.pris" <steve.prism@ntlworld.com>
To: "Ralph Crich" <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hiya mate.!!
Date: 01 September 2001 01:30

What can i say
RODING ...RODING ..Champion Beer brewers
Well thats not bad i have been registered on the www.friendsreunited for 24 hours i followed a link from there to here i have had 6 emails already... and i see ya updated already the names i gave you in the roding piccy damn quick work keep it up!!!...i got to say the memories are flooding back...The biggest disaster was when the ginger beer blue up in locker 3 (it blew our cover hahaha ) and the damn welsh boyo in Roding opened all the lockers ten mins later he had uncovered all our (locally bought brewers kits) stash the bitter the lager and some revolting stuff that tasted like stout it was the talk of the house for weeks and the locker room smelt bloody wonderful...lol
Anyways ..there was a couple of young ladies called Tina Guernari and Esme glazebrook who i think left Kennylands in 80 but didnt go to hockerill when we moved ..do you know what happened to them ?? ...
Oh and my old mates Lance Kempster paul hood and Ian pearce who i shared a room with in our last year do you know what happened to them ?? does anyone?
and a big hello to the masses of names i recognise ...

Steve Abbott ....


From: "Kirstie Costello" <kirstie.costello@btinternet.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 31 August 2001 00:33

What a site

And what a trip down memory lane!!

It sounds like everyone is enjoying life to the max!

I would love to hear from people in my year 1985 - 1990

Kirstie Heather now Costello.......Roding

From: "mark olley" <theolleys@olleym.freeserve.co.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 31 August 2001 00:27

Just a quick note to say Hi.
You went to school with my brother Simon Leech I believe. Really pleased to see so many people are contactable but where has the time gone. I hanker for the days of brewing beer in the cupboard and snogging in the zig zag!!!
I would like to know about any re-unions.

Jo Leech

From: "Steve.pris" <steve.prism@ntlworld.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 30 August 2001 22:18

What a great site... we were one of the first years to see hockerill...the dark side..lol when we had the chance to move stuff from kennylands...

My name is Steve Abbott was at Hockerill from the start till the 81/82 i think .. never did make the end of year party i got expelled well actually i left before they could...Wheres Emma Wilson!!!! ...lol... me and my brother Gavin Abbott are still alive and kicking ! and i couldnt believe it when i stumbled on this site...i was still recovering from the shock of a Kennylands site!! ...The only bonus about moving to bishops stortford...EASY.....NO Penalty Drill !!!

I will be at the next reunion ...could be fun =))

From: "Michelle Gentry" <mgentry9@hotmail.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 30 August 2001 20:47

What a blast from the past. This is a great site and makes all the memories come flooding back. I was at Hockerill from 1987-1992 i Roding house. Like they say whilst you were there you moaned about the place but its not until you leave that you realise it was one of the best times of your life. How can anyone forget DDS in the dining room, especially if you got the job of standing at the slops area!!! Didn't we have some great teachers, some being abit dodgy to say the least. I have to say that i have alot of respect for Mr Dodd as if it wasn't for him i would not have passed Maths.
I would love to hear from anyone that remembers me.....i doubt they do.

Again a great site

Michelle Gentry

From: "Big Luce" <geezerbird@madminx.fsnet.co.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 29 August 2001 19:37

Well done Ralph! Good to see someone's had the initiative to put a site up for old "Hockers"

I was at Hockerill from 1990-95 and many a memory springs to mind. Who remembers school house in 1990 - Saggy Atkins, the rank common room, and finally my "Sellafield" gag which resulted in the whole of our dorm being made to stand in the common room for talking after lights out...

1991 we were moved en masse to our respective houses, I was in Chelmer (for my sins) with Abi, Laura Sparks, Lucy Bradley, Karen, Tory, Charlotte, Emma Corbett, and some others who I can't forget (sorry).

After that it's a blur but I scraped by. I'd love to see everyone from my year (including Cass Cavanagh who I had a massive crush on) So what about it?!?!

Take care all, and you can e-mail me on: lucyjolley@hotmail.com

Lucy Jolley
90 - 95

From: "Helen Simpson ES" <helen.simpson@essexcc.gov.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: hockerill old scholars
Date: 29 August 2001 16:16


Not sure if anyone will remember me, but I was at Hockerill for 2 years only (81-83) and was in Roxwell.

Does anyone know whatever happened to Naomi Spens? I lost touch with her years ago, and would love to find out how she's doing. Also does anyone know what happened to Charles Summerhill or James Saunders?

I do know that Robert Gray (82-86), Roxwell boys, had joined the army after leaving school, and last I heard was married and running his own business in Germany. I am still in touch with Vanda Watmough (81-86) if anyone wants to get in touch.

Wayne Perry - if you read this get in touch. Last time we spoke you had just returned from DJ'ing in China; that was about 5 years ago now!

Ralph, great site. I remember the name but can't quite picture the face!


From: "Sian McCarthy" <sianm@uvcgroup.co.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 23 August 2001 17:24

Hi, I remember Harriet Lewington and Seth Wells. And I cannot believe that Daniel McNichol has turned up, again. And I remember you Ralph Crich, my old friend Kerry Reed(a.k.a Kerry Hatt had a major crush on you. I went to Hockerill from 1982 to 1989 and I was in Thames. There are several of us that get together regularly - Kerry Hatt, Amanda Charles, Jason White, Steven Alexander (all Thames), Dominique Clery(Rox), Terry Southam (and sister Tracey) and Wesley Scrutton, and recently, Gayle Ringrow(Roding)and Sharron Worth (Chelmer). We get together as often as poss, taking work, distance, kids etc into consideration, but we all talk very regularly on phone or by e-mail. I was Sharrons bridesmaid in December and also went to Terry Southams wedding (he married my best friend, they live next door to me)and Dominiques wedding, both last year.
There were loads of names on there I remembered, hopefully as everyone seems to know about the "friendsreunited" website, more people will get in touch. Anyone wants to e-mail me I would be happy to hear from them or pass on messages to any of the above mentioned people. I also see Mrs Townsend, previously Harper, school Matron (and Mr Townsend)at least once a year- she remembers EVERY single pupil and some small detail about every one of them, its really quite amazing.
Excellent site Ralph - I've just spent a whole day on it!
Take care, Sian (McCarthy)

From: "Matt Groves" <matt@mattgroves.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 22 August 2001 11:16

Hey Ralph

My name is Matt Groves (Grovesy) and I was in Roxwell Boys from 1986 - 1991.

It's great to see some of the old names popping up on this web site, so
Congrats on an excellent creation ! I remember how nostalgic it was to
return to Hockerill the year after I left, when I met up with George Allan
for a bite to eat, and as I haven't been back since, this has brought the
memories flooding back !

Many people who were with me in those days will remember the days of "Von"
(Mr. Brown) and Roger Townsend the chemistry teacher "You're wasting myyyy
time, yourrrr time, and everybodieees time" :-)

Some of the names that stand out from the crowd on this site are (from
different years) :

Claire Standon
Karl Wilson
Leslie Birkin
Chris Kent
Graham McKenna
Greg Mullen
Robin & Claire Langridge
Matt Collins (gave me a kicking when I was in year 2 just before he left, he
Louise Smitten
Jenny Smitten (sweetie)
Katie Young
Cindy Cohen (Hmm, why do I remember the RE room paricularly ?)
Emma De Vaux

And some people who I haven't heard from in years but would like to catch up
with from my year (sorry if I've forgotten anyone) :

Claire Hayden (Where are you hun !!?!)
Kerry Mobbs
Heidi Eden
George Allan
Mark Stevens
Michael Farrow
Ben Harris
Martin & Sita
James (Head Boy in my year, can't remember his surname, even though I shared
with him as a Monitor for the schoolhouse boys)

I've got loads of old photos, which I'll have an excuse to get round to
scanning in now :-)

If anyone wants to contact me (I'll be firing off an email soon to those
people on the Email list) I can be got at : matt@mattgroves.com.



From: "Matthew Thompson" <mntcolchester@hotmail.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars Re-union
Date: 21 August 2001 23:12

My brother David & I decided, what the hell, what have we got to lose. We decided to go to the first re-union organised via this site, with two thoughts of how the evening may turn out. Firstly, no-one will show, and we'll be home within the hour; the second, that there will be people there that we recognise and we'll have a ball!
Well we weren't disappointed, OK we didn't actually have a ball, but we did have a great time - some very nostalgic memories were thrown around the group, and even those people we didn't recognise seemed to fit in with the group. The only shame was that more people who said they were going, didn't.
I can honestly say I can't wait for the next one, and on that note, would like to thank Ralph for all his hard work on the site, and in organising this -first of many I hope, re-union. Now all we need is for everyone to spread the word, tell everyone about the site ready for the next re-union!

Maybe next year we can do it on a par to the Kennylands or Fyfield re-unions, and those schools are a lot older than Hockerill.


From: "Dave Wiltshire" <davewiltshire@worces.fsnet.co.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars reunion
Date: 21 August 2001 20:59

Reg. Reunion
Rather a good night! Peter Joslin was good enough to put me up (bless him) and, although the turn up was not as good as we hoped (where were you all?), it was well worth the 3 hour drive to get to you, and it was a gas. Thanks to all who turned up and lets have another in a less holiday congested time of year, maybe January? To finally finish this letter I would just like to say that it was good to see the elderly contingent of Hockerill Old scholars ( class of 82 ) and hope they all had a good time as I did. It was especially a surprise to see Rob Phimister as I only told him about the reunion 2 weeks previously and he's still to good looking by half !
It was good to meet the others (hi jo, Catherine?, and Paul) I wish I could say the same about seeing you Ralph, but I'm still sulking that I didn't manage to get a pint out of you!

Take care all of you,

Dave Wiltshire

From: <kwilson3@fedex.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Old Scholars Reunion 18th August 2001
Date: 19 August 2001 10:23

I stood at the bar, a pint of the pubs finest cola beverage in my hand, looking like a lost soul. This was what I was dreading, getting all the way there and not recognising anyone. Desperately glancing round the bar I spotted two people within a group staring at me and nodding. One looked vaguely familiar but putting a name to that face was not easy, so plucking up my courage I wandered over. These first feelings weren't particularly nice but once I had spent a few minutes with the group I found that I was with a group of people who I didn't yet know but I could relate to in a strange nostalgic way. Big thanks go to all those who were there and made me feel welcome. Although non of my year were there I met a new group of people who shared similar memories to me. I can't wait for the next reunion wherever or whenever it may be.

Cheers to you all

From: "Dave claydon" <daveclaydon@mac.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Blast from the past
Date: 16 August 2001 17:09

I can tell you this was a blast from the past. Well done for starting this.

I was in Roxwell from 1981 to 1986 and am still am I contact with some of my old palls like Tony mead and have just told him about this site.

It was nice to see people who have sent in e-mails that I know and they are doing so well.

The last reunion I went to was a millennium reunion in Covent garden and was so good to see everyone who went .

I have got quite a lot of pictures and will now be sending them into you very soon.

Again well done Ralph and I will see what I can do to be at the reunion

all the best



From: "mrandmrsthomas" <mrandmrsthomas@netscapeonline.co.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 15 August 2001 12:10

Dear Ralph
We would not have met but I remember your brother very well. I was at Hockerill from 1986-1991 and like a lot of people I have good and bad memories of the place!. I would like to add my e-mail address to your list so that anyone who does fancy a chat can get in contact, so here goes, "mrandmrsthomas@netscapeonline.co.uk". By the way, it is a fantastic website, it brings back a lot of memories!

Hope to speak to people soon!
Lesley Birkin (now Lesley Thomas)

From: <bumblebee1981@talk21.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Kinda Sad!
Date: 13 August 2001 15:13

Hi All!

Its kinda sad looking back over the years how much i do actually miss Hockerill and isnt it suprising just how many other people have said that!

My name is Becky Manister but as with my big bro Ritchie you would have known me as Collins if you was there around the time i was, I'd place the years at roughly 1992-1995. That would have but me in the same year as people such as Martin Collins, Luke Pearce, Natasha Ward, April Drew, Rachel Tan, Gemma ' Emma' Emslie, Freddie Foss-Smith and loads of other people I'd love to mention if i had the time and you had the space!

Looking back through the lists of people who have sent in e-mails was kind of strange, specially when i cam across the one from Jeoff Preou, hes my cousin Kirsty's step-brother and as he is lives in New Zealand and I dont really here from him it was a shock to see him posted. Oh and hello James Wigglebum (sorry old joke), hope you and your sister are OK!

Thanks Ralph, Its really nice to see that someone has taken the time to get this sit up and running, i dont think theres a week that goes by that I dont wonder wots happened to all those people i spent so much time with.

Well anyway, hello to everybody that reads this, hope you had as much fun as i did! Life in Roding Girls before and after it merged was always a laugh, especially if you knew how to get round Frau Bungle (Dallmann) and Mrs Eales!!!

Best Wishes


From: "jjgrove" <jjgrove@supanet.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Cc: <ajwoolven@hotmail.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 13 August 2001 02:51

Hi I'm Alex. Probably the only surviving witness to the decline of Hockerill School (it's radical change from an institution to a refugee camp). I attended the school the a whole five years (Rox 90 - 95) and had my up's and downs, like everyone did.

I remembered all the original cool tutors, for example Mr Evans & Mr Berry. Not ALL of them were bad, here is a list of the following wankers that tried to piss us off, Mazza, Ewok, Slug, Von, Egg Head and Bum. (The names enclosed will be understandable for prisoners attending the same sentence as me.)

Well enough of the bullshit and down to business. I am writing to you to say you that have a great site and it's a fab idea to reunite everyone, it was about time that someone did something about it. Everyone reminiscing the old times and having the chance tell the out-side world of Hockerill School.

Must cut this short and bid you adeu. So long matey's and have a good one, whereever you are.

Laters. Alex (ajwoolven@hotmail.com)

(P.S. My sister is called Charlotte - ((Rox 87 - 92)), she is mentioned in a few e-mails.)

From: "Chapman, Kerrie (K.)" <kchapma5@ford.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Thanks Girls 84-89
Date: 09 August 2001 17:49


I can not believe that you would do that to me!! My hair!! Your brother has a lot to answer for!!!!! Ursula, wait till I see you!

"Alan Crossly (Rowell) and his girlfriend (whose name escapes me but I'm sure she is in one of the photos that Ursula Garstang sent in. Definitely Thames girls)".

The name is Kerrie, Kerrie Jackson. And I was never, NEVER, Alan Crossly's girlfriend. No offence Alan as I am sure that you have grown into a lovely bloke, but back then you did have a slight habit of constantly touching yourself!! But hey, we were all young. And I know that there were a lot worst sins happening.

I am pleased to say that I no longer look like that. I can't actually believe I did ever look like that. Kerrie Jones and Tasha Salmon though it was hilarious. Great friends, should have left them in 89.

Think the site is great. To be able to bring all these people together, and the memories. Some great, some funny and some embarrassing. Mention no names!!

I am still in touch with Kerrie Jones, Rak Patel, Tasha Salmon, Patrick Lucas Karen Christie & Jo Rayner. We all attended the un-official reunion via Karolina "Kaz" Frodl and since then have managed to catch up with Joe Scotland, Andrew Pagne, Emma Flinn and loads of the guys from the year below. It was a great laugh. I've also heard from Ursula Garstang, Jo Wilson, Jacob Darvill and Paul Carter care of the friendsreunited site.
I shall be returning the favour of Ursula and shall dig out some old pics. If anyone would like to email me I can be reached on kchapma5@ford.com
Thanks for the memories.
Big loves, Kerrie (Jackson)
PS Kerrie Jones seems to have lost her memory! I think you will find that it was Thames Girls who won all the Sports events. haha

From: "j.annandale" <j.annandale@tinyworld.co.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars Reunion
Date: 09 August 2001 15:53

Hi Hockerill,

Justin Annandale here! I feel a little bit sad joining in on all this but what the hell! Good to hear that the experience of Hockerill didn't do too much damage to us all. I must say on the whole I look back with fond memories, apart from that bxxxxxd called Mr Brown!

As for the reunion (at Witham on the 18th Aug) I'm not too sure, I mean what with my grey hair and all! I dare say we have all aged, some better than others!

Just for the record I live in Colchester and work in London.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes


From: "Paul, Michael" <Michael.Paul@wilcon.co.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 09 August 2001 14:01

Hi Ralph,
Great site ! I was at Hockerill from 1980 to 1982 having previously attended Kennylands. I have discovered your site in the last week and it has given me the thirst for more nostalgia. I am amazed that so many people look back fondly on their time at Hockerill when I spent most of the time hating the teachers (some of whom I am now convinced were paedophiles), but still I do have some great memories.Anybody that remembers me and would like to get in touch, please feel free to email me at michaelpaul@arsenalfc.net.
Keep up the good work.
Micky Paul

From: "Colin Sparks" <thumb@iinet.net.au>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 08 August 2001 13:46

Dear Ralph,

Excellent web site!!! My name is Colin Sparks, I was at Hockerill from '85 to '88 and was a Roxwell boy. It has been 14 years since I left and time has flown since then. I have some classic photographs of my time at Hockerill which I will email for your web site. One in particular is the German exchange trip when some of us went to Germany with Mr Taylor.

I can remember a funny time when the fire services had to come out (which they did frequently because someone was spraying the sensors with deodrant) to put out a fire in Mr Coopers (aka boswell) house. I think his wife left the Sunday roast on a bit too long. From memory, the fifth formers who were just about to leave moved Mr Coopers Skoda (it was orange, yuk! - I wonder if he has that still? It is probably a collectors item now.) and hid it.

I now live in Perth, Western Australia and have been here for 10 years.

It would be great to here from anyone who I went to school with.

I shall hunt for those pics and email them to you for your site.


Colin Sparks
Roxwell, 85-88

From: "James Edwards" <james_edwards@edwardsj.freeserve.co.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 07 August 2001 20:31

Hi there,
First - well done Ralph for setting up the site.

I was at Hockerill from 1980-85 In Thames (Thames chaps n all that). Seeing that School House photo - well apart from being a scrawny little oik - I'd forgotten how many people left / joined my year over the time I was there. I'll fill in the gaps on your name list sometime. As Simon Evenett has just written, we still keep in touch and I did see a few people from my year about 5-6 years ago. Lawrence & Angela Swift were both working at Warburg's back then along with Lola Osokoya.

I now work at Barclays Capital in Canary Wharf and saw a girl I'm sure was a year above me (your year?) from Roding or Chelmer girls.will try to find her again and get her to write in.

What do I remember - well anyone recall:
- Thames Pirate Radio using the radiator system as an aerial and messing up Mr Davies video recorder with Matthew's singing?
- Having to run round the field at 6.30am for talking after lights out (giving Mr Jones grief I think) / Nick Fisher whacking Mr Lamb accidentally
in a pillow fight.
- Oh and sorry Richard Pemble(?) for getting you nicked for accusing you of reading "Play Goat" while supervising prep in Q23.

Loads of other stuff best left unwritten.

Hopefully I'll make it to the reunion this month. Anyone who remembers me, please drop a line and perhaps we can meet up. What sort of time are people going?

James (Jimmy) Edwards

From: "Mark Aldrich" <maldrich@bigfoot.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 05 August 2001 21:35

Hi, I got the note about the reunion from Shirley Wiltshire. Thanks but I wont be able to make it. Hope it goes well. I was in the class of 83 so I had 2 years at Fyfield and 3 at Hockerill. Back then I was Caroline Pryke (now Aldrich). I am now living in Sheffield, married to Mark (who I met at Hull Uni) and have 2 children

I met up with Janet Rugg only last week. We seem to see each other about once a year. She is still in contact with Carrie-Ann Norman, Kate Whelan and George Platt. Janet and I were in Thames and for my sins I was Head Girl too - what a mug! George was deputy. Nick Fennel was Head Boy and Julian ? was deputy (sorry, can't think of the surname).

Hope everyone from my year is thriving and having fun.

Enjoy the reunion.

Caroline (maldrich@bigfoot.com)

From: "Ritchie J.Hicks" <ritchiejhicks@hotmail.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Please put on your site - thanks!
Date: 04 August 2001 14:13


Hi again. I thought I might give you a little more information to put in the section with my first email - after looking at everyone else's comments I think I should make more of an effort! People reading this note - you would have known me as Ritchie Collins.

As I said before, I was a member of Hockerill from 1991-1996. After my first year being battered in School House and under fire from Catrina Marraige and Kevin Allan, I was (un)lucky enough to be sent along to Mr Brooks - of Roding Boys. Ah! What fun! After around 6 months Mr Brooks left the school and, that's right, Mazza became our house mistress. She soon lost all of her respect and became very much, not scary.

I can remeber the only reason I wanted to go to boarding school was because of the Music department, but, as with the story of my life, the music department shut down and Kevin Allan became a full time English teacher. By my 5th year the houses were mixed up and Roding boys also moved into the old Roxwell girls house. I ended up going from a future head boy to Film & Lighting prefect, where I had great fun with Stephen Moore (BUCK) Lee Lyons (LOGGER), smoking drinking and running the Genisis roadshow. How we ever managed to skip so many hours of lessons with that I'll never know!!! However, my predicted A's and A*'s became D's, C's and a B and I flunked it! So now, I sell cars for a main dealer near Colchester (and very well too!), write their website, drink far to much stella and crash cars.


I'd like to organise a reunion. Why not give me a shout! LOVE YOU ALL!!
Ritchie Hicks (formally Collins).

From: "jimlouise" <jimlouise@blueyonder.co.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 02 August 2001 14:01

Hi Ralph,

CONGRATULATIONS, on the web page. It brings so much pleasure to me to be able to visit the site and catch up on all the gossip. Through your site i have been able to contact Shirley Wiltshire who i attended Fyfield with (It's great to talk with shirley again). You probably wont remember me (Sorry i dont remember you either) but my name is Louise Brittle, same age as shirley. My brother was Stuart Brittle now 38 (do you remember Stuart?).

I have been thinking about a friend from Fyfield for some time now, and through this site i hope to get in contact with her again, her name was Jackie Cole, she came from Zimbabwe. If you or any other web user knows how i could get in contact with her please let me know. The other friend i would like to chat too is Amanda Kent (She has a brother Michael) same applies with her any info please forward onto me, Thanx.

I only lasted 2 yrs of Fyfield, nothing to do with the school but i hated being away from home. (says she who left home when she was 16). I think about the old days and what we all got up too and i have too laugh about it now. Amanda Kent and I ran away from the school at the end of our 2nd yr, we did plan it with Sally-anne Deade, we asked Sally to tell the teachers when we had had enough time to reach the back of the field, with which sally did tell the teachers. Needless to say we where caught, parents notified, but the end result got me what i wanted (I LEFT) not sure about Amanda though. Can i say thanx to SALLY-ANNE DEADE, you done me a favour! Sally i've seen an old school reunion photo cant believe how much you've changed, dont you look gorgeous, you always were in front of the mirror. HA HA

I hope to make it to the next reunion on the 18th August, thats if i'm not helping out in the Southend Carnival, if not definately the next one. SOMEONE PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!


Thanx Ralph

Louise Brittle

From: <sevenett@mindspring.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Another Hockerill old boy
Date: 01 August 2001 19:10

Dear Ralph,

Jimmy Edwards told me about your terrific web site, which I visited yesterday. Thanks for making more concrete memories that are, alas, receding over time. I still look back on my days at Hockerill with great affection and it's been a pity that I haven't been able to stay in touch with more people. (In addition to Jimmy, I still exchange Christmas cards with Antony Cunningham-Smith. A few years I swapped emails with Joanne Coulson, but lost touch.)

I've left the U.K. in 1990 and now live in Washington, D.C.

I hope that you and other Hockerillians stay in touch,



Simon Evenett
Roxwell Boys 1980-5

PS. David Chambers was right: It is me standing between Toks and Kevin in the School House Boys' photo. Well spotted!

From: "Ritchie J Hicks" <ritchiejhicks@hotmail.com>
To: <wrcwebs@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill
Date: 22 July 2001 22:26


My name is Ritchie Hicks. However, I would have been known as Ritchie Collins at Hockerill. I was in Roding between 1991-1996 so I presume you wont know me as I don't know you!

I had the idea tonight to put together a website. Looks like you beat me to it! Still, I'll dig you out some old photo's if you like.

Anyway, congratulations on the sight.

Ritchie Hicks.

From: "Gallagher, Richard" <richard.gallagher@csam.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 26 July 2001 16:25

Hi Ralph

Thanks for doing such a brilliant site, good to read emails from some old
My name is Richard Gallagher and I was a Chelmer Boy from '84 - '89
Hockerill gave me many happy memories (and some bad ones)
Not sure if I'll be around for the Reunion but I'll try
Hello to anyone who remembers me
Can you add me to your email list
Although I,m changing job soon, and my email address will change
I'll mail you again with an update

Richard Gallagher
Credit Suisse Asset Management

From: "Clive Smither" <clive.smither@webtribe.net>
To: <Hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Date: 26 July 2001 11:32

Hi-what a great site!
My name is Karolina and I was at school from 85-90.Im lucky that I have kept in touch with a few people from school-having gone to 6th form with them helped.Me and some mates have held regular parties for the past 5-6 yrs to which we tried to invite as many old scholars as poss-the last one being esp.good.But there are many others I would love to catch up with so I hope this site will help.Im hoping to make it to the reunion and I can prob. get in touch with abt 20 more people to tell them abt it-here are some of their names for anyone reading this that would like to catch up with them Nick Burrows, Martin Cooper ,Pat Lucas ,Nichola Estabrook,Sasha Cowan,Rosalyn Harper,Jenni Hogg,Nick Mobbs,Sarah Britton, Each of them is in touch with many others,both from my yrs and the yrs above,most of them having come to the last party we had!It was great to see people but scary as most were either married,just about to be or having babies!!!I keep thinking were too young for all that but of course at 27 were not!
Well,I hope to see many more faces at the reunion and thanks again for setting up this site!Karolina.

To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 26 July 2001 11:25

Well done old boy on the web site, it certainly brought back some great memories of my time there. It's a pity I have only just come across the web site.

Well, my name is Chris Cunningham-Smith and I was a pupil at Hockerill from it's inception in 1980 until 1982. I transferred from Kennylands. I remember me any my mates worrying about how we would get on with the other lot from Fyfield. We needn't have as we gelled well and I had some really happy times.

Especially the ski trips and the great tuck swap swindle. I cannot elaborate for legal reason, but those who were involved all know.

I still keep in touch with Steven Preston who was also a pupil 1980-1982.

My Brother Antony was also a pupil (1980-1985) and he is now a nurse working very hard, being paid very little at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital

I now also live in Bournemouth about 5 hundred metres from the sea and I now work For Sony UK in Weybridge Surrey.

Antony and i would love to hear from any fellow pupils from our era.



From: "den ledger" <den_ledger@yahoo.co.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 25 July 2001 21:53

Dear Ralph,
I was passed your website by one of the four people who I vaguely keep in touch with. My name is Dennis Ledger, I was in Roding Boys from '86 to '90. I keep in touch with the Wilson-Roberts twins, Sasha Cowan and Ros Harper. Everyone else seemed to have disappeared, until I read this website. I have only met one person in passing: a certain Jonathon "Polly" Poulson, who in was also in the Roding.
I recognise a few of the names that have written: Rac pass my regards onto your brother Amit, Gandi Wilkinson pass my regards to James. Anyway, I think this is a fantastic website. I can't make the reunion due to work commitments, but I hope you have a good one. If anyone out there wants to contact me, den_ledger@yahoo.co.uk, feel free to do so. Have a beer for me.

From: "Magdalena Frodl" <Magdalena.Frodl@one2one.co.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 25 July 2001 15:36


Thanks for a brilliant website. I have spent a happy afternoon working really hard browsing through it, much more interesting than 'normal' work. It's nice to see so many familiar names, I can be contacted on magdalena.frodl@one2one.co.uk.

From: "D.P.Turner" <dpt@cableinet.co.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 22 July 2001 23:07

Very strange, surfing the net and for some strange reason I entered 'Hockerill'. God knows why!!! I went to Hockerill between 1985-1990 and I was in Chelmer Boys. There are a few names I recognise from the posted e-mails. I have not really been in touch with any body since I left, as I moved to Shrewsbury and then went off to York to study and now live in Wolverhampton. It's a shame really as I had some very close friends. If anyone who reads this recognises me please feel free to e-mail me. Darren Turner.

From: "fivemarriotts" <fivemarriotts@netscapeonline.co.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 22 July 2001 19:17
Ralph as promised the photos of the 1993 reunion at The Jack and Jenny.
The 1993 reunion photo comprises from left Ian Pammenter, Sally Kempster, Claire Cooper,Wendy Craven,Mark Dinoulis, Rob Hill, Michaela Coghlan, Graham Smith, Sally Anne Deade, Theresa Squire and Eddie Driscoll
I hope they have travelled well
Love Theresa

From: "jimbob jones" <sethki@yahoo.co.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Me..
Date: 21 July 2001 17:17

Seth Wells here, not sure how or why I searched for
hockerill. But wierd to see myself..
Hello to those who remember me..
Living in brighton, with my own media co. sounds more
impressive than it is..
Hope your all well, I'll write again..


From: <Claire.McDermid@uk.standardchartered.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: reunion
Date: 20 July 2001 10:42


I attended Hockerill Boarding School between the years 1986 - 1991.
Is this reunion for anyone or is there a particular year group?
I would really like to get in touch with some people for a get together but I didn't know where to start as
it has been so long!

Please can you (whoever you are!!) let me have some info and if possible can you put me in touch/supply contact names and
addresses with other people from my year.
I am married now but my maiden name is STANDEN. Does anyone remember me??
I remember names like Sara Flinn, Anna Dear, Sarah Pulfrey (Head Girl '91), Ben Harris.

I am really keen to get intouch, please let me know soon,

Claire McDermid (neé Standen)
address: 23 Grosvenor Road
Essex SS6 9GA

From: <WhataTiff@aol.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: (no subject)
Date: 18 July 2001 05:56


Wow - that was quite a trip down memory lane. I ran across your web site while looking up old school chums. My name is Tiffany Huskey (prev. Coxall) and I was a second year from Kennylands when the two schools merged in 1980. (A Thames girly.) I left at the end of my second year - my parents said something about "a bad environment" and promptly sent me to a Catholic school. Once there I quickly discovered smoking and drinking, and that the
"no physical contact" rule no longer existed in the outside world. (So much for religion!)

I lost touch with everyone from Hockerill when I left - although I have some info. on Stuart Poulton (his mum and my mum are good friends). He's still living in the Chelmsford area, married or girlfriend (not sure exactly) and has a couple of kids. My sister saw him about six months ago working at a car dealership in Braintree. I can probably pass on an e-mail address if anyone wants to contact him.

Does anyone remember me? I think I was a bit of a geek back then! Does anyone know whatever happened to Simone Hall (Thames 80-84) or Brigit Cater (Roding 80-84)? I lost touch with both of them a long time ago.

I am married (no kids) and living in California about 25 miles south of LA having gone through two mid-life crises. One in 1990 when I left my thrilling job at Natwest and bought a one-way ticket to LA (I haven't looked back since), and the other last year when I resigned from a pretty decent management position (too many hours and too much stress). Boy do the Yanks work you hard - and only 10 days holiday a year! I am now attending Cal.
State Uni - Fullerton and getting my teaching credential. I am really enjoying being a student again (never thought I'd say that) and am looking forward to passing on some of my own pearls of wisdom to the wee whipper snappers.

This is a great site. I recognise many of the names of past students and teachers (although I would never have been able to recall them by myself) and the pictures and stories are hilarious and bring back many great (even if they didn't seem so great at the time) memories.

I would love to hear from anyone who knew me back then.

Best regards,
Tiffany Huskey (formally Coxall)
(Thames 80-81)

From: "Soulsby, Sarah" <Sarah.Soulsby@gs.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 16 July 2001 16:51


Can i add my name and email address to your library?? My name is Sarah Soulsby and i left Hockerill in 1989. I had some good and bad times at Hockerill, but lost contact with everyone i knew at some stage or another. I would love to come to the reunion but am getting married so won't be able to make it!! Hopefully there will be some pictures on the website!

My email address is SarahandPaul@Tabone.fsbusiness.co.uk.


Sarah Soulsby
(Roxwell House)

From: "Simon" <sco@brighton.ac.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Photo
Date: 16 July 2001 10:28

Hi Ralph

Thanks for your reply. I was mates with Paul Andrews. The last time i saw him was his birthday party (17th or 18th) which was held at Bolton & Pauls at Maldon (if i remember correctly). It is hard to belive that was 16 years ago.
I will definately try to get to the reunion as i am in Essex that weekend visiting my childrens godparents, (Their godfather is Chris Weeley, who used to go to Kennylands before it merged with Fyfield). We got reunited six years ago. We sat opposite each other at the villiage school PTA meeting, both thinking "i know you", but it wasn't untill we were all reminiscing about our own school days in the pub later, that we found out were from. Its a small world, isn't it?
I have attached the photo of my year. It was taken just after our exams so I think one or two people are missing. (sorry it is a big file).

Hope to see you soon

All the best

From: "Sarah Fermor" <fermors@holdenandco.co.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 13 July 2001 14:55

i just found this site and think its f**king great! i can't belive how many names on the previous messages that i recognise, and the names on the list at the Friends Reunite site is truely amazing! i almost forgot all those people and its kinda nice to be reminded of them. i went to Hockerill from 87-92 and was in Roding girls. i use to hang about with Lucy Cook mostly who i'm still in touch with. the only thing people will really remember me for is being madly in love with Ryan Ladbrook from the age of 14 years old. i'd still kill to see him again so if anyone knows where he is or if he's still alive even i'd be grateful to know!

i'm going to give the details of the site to my brother (his name was ian fermor and he was in Roding boys, he was 3 years older than me but started in his 3rd year at Hockerill) i'm sure he'll be pretty impressed by it too and will love to catch up with some of the people from his year (i think he had a brief "thing" with Ursula!)

Keep up the wicked work on the site, thanks alot.

From: Sarah Fermor

Contact: SarahF105@excite.co.uk

From: "Claire Machin" <mavt69@dial.pipex.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 12 July 2001 14:09


The site is looking great, i am gonna dig out some school play brochures, magazines (ad-hock news?) next time i'm over my ma & Pa's so as soon as i get them i'll send them on!

Also i just thought i'd better confess.....

the people standing (bloke with cap, and girl who looks totally bored) by the tractor in ursulas picture she sent in is me & my dad, i knew there couldn't be a picture of a tractor without my dad in it!

Fordson majors rock..



From: "Simon" <sco@brighton.ac.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 06 July 2001 10:08

Hi Ralph

You probably dont remember me. My name is Simon O'Brien (known as Paddy at school) I was in the 5th year when you were in the 4th. I also had an older brother (Graham or Big Paddy) and a cousin, Jason Dale who was in your year for a while before he left (couldn't hack it).
The web site is great. I will try to get to the reunion in August but i now live in Worthing near Brighton, have a wonderfull wife, Wendy, and 4 great Kids. I am currently doing my teacher training degree at the University of Brighton, in Business Studies and Information Technology. You never know, i might get a job at Hockerill in the future.
I will keep in touch as i has a great photo of my year group just before we left, that i will dig out and send you for the site. By the way, my brother is in the photo of the class of 82 (wearing a horizontal striped rugby shirt and standing in the middle of the photo). It's great to recognise the faces of friends (and enemies) from the past.

All the best.

Simon O'Brien

From: "mcnicoldan" <dan@trianglerecruitment.co.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 05 July 2001 14:31

I've just had another look at this great web site and have been tickled by some old memories, mainly Ron Wilkinsons vivid recollection of standing outside the corridor pissed out of our tiny minds!! Schonfeldt was the most obvious drunk but I think Farrow chucked up!! Happy days. I can also confirm that it was me in the play brush with a body. I seem to remember we went on "tour" and did one nights production at the Chelmsford cramphorn theatre. Oh those heady days of stardom Ha ha ha ha. Does anyone remember the Brewery incident? I was the only person to escape unpunished from this heinous crime. As I rememberit I was on the original recce party who went out the night before to cause general mayhem in Bishops Stortford our "gang" consisted of a few from Roxwell boys and me. It was snowing and to this day I don't know how my footprints were not discovered across the lawn from Roding boys to Roxwell. Anyway we managed to steal most of the morning papers from the local newsagents and get a lovely fire going in the park!! We ambled back across the tracks with one or two papers still in our posession and made it safely back to our dorms. The following evening they robbed the brewery I had been out earlier then gone back before they committed the crime. I do remember that they stole bottled guiness which is vile!! The following day all hell broke loose and I developed some sickness which saw me banged up in health centre while all the others either got expelled or suspended and I got a severe bollocking from Brooksie and interrogated by Marriage and Von but basically got away with it!! It still amazes me that I managed not to get suspended the amount of times I got caught smoking visiting etc!!

From: <Rosalyn.Harper@CliffordChance.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 03 July 2001 18:12

Just been emailed the link to the site from another ex-pupil. I was a pupil from 1985-90 and my brother was there from 1987-92.

A number of us have just had an un-official reunion courtesy of those who ended up at the Colchester Sixth Form (Karolina "Kaz" Frodl, Nick Burrows and Patrick Lucas to name a few) which was great. There were mostly people from our year and the year above. I'd say about 30 ex-pupils turned up, some who we hadn't seen for over 10 years and we were saying that night that it would be a good idea to have a website and didn't realise one already existed.

I have a number of photos mainly Chelmer Girls and of my year that I'll forward.

Other than that great site and I think you'll find a few more people getting in touch. Having said that there are a few people from Chelmer Girls in my year such as Tracy Richards, Anna Sheldon, Sarah Simpson, Tora Rumble, Heidi Piggott and Laura Townsend who we have no idea what they are up to and it would be great to find out.

Rosalyn Harper
Chelmer Girls

From: "Steve" <stevecrich@btinternet.com>
To: "ralphcrich" <ralphcrich@ntlworld.com>
Subject: More Photos'
Date: 02 July 2001 22:22

Dear Ralph
sorry to bother you with yet more photos of spotty teenagers but I think this is the best of the rest.
It was good to see the email of Ronald Wilkinson's. I remember him well. He beat me to the names of the school photo and got all the names right despite hurting his grey matter!!!!!
The enclosed photos' are from our ski trip which took place in my 4th year 1987. They are of Jo Hedge(Roding), Alan Crossly(Rowell) and his girlfriend (whose name escapes me but I'm sure she is in one of the photos that Ursula Garstang sent in. Definitely Thames girls), Mr and Mrs Taylor(Mr Taylor was our PE teacher after Mr Neil) and Mrs Dodd (I think! Married to Mr Dodd the Chelmer house master and Maths teacher.)And last but not least, A horrid little chap by the name of Steven Crich(Roding).
It has been quite good fun reading all the emails and looking at the photos of the old days. Takes me back.
Any way I think that the idea of then and now photos is a really good one and hope you take it up!!!
Speak to you soon

From: "Administrator" <Administrator@broders.force9.net>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars and Reunion
Date: 02 July 2001 00:17


Great site! I'd love to come to the reunion to see some of the old crowd and how they're getting on. (Not sure of the numbers yet.)

I've got some photos hanging around somewhere from the 1986 trip to the British Grand Prix with Herny Lewington, Sean Maynard, Jimmy Clayton and Gavin Kemp. I'll dig them out and send them to you - not exactly school activity but semi-relavant all the same.

Jimmy - I've got no idea where you were when they took that photo, but I've got a sneaking suspicion that I had blue legs at the time!

Toby (Brutus Blue Legs) Brodrip

From: <Ronshoto@aol.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill%20Old%20Scholars
Date: 29 June 2001 23:05

Cracking Website
You won't remember me, as I was in your brothers(Steven) year 83-88 Roding (We won all the rugby, etc.).
It seems I'm the last to discover the work you've done in this website, perhaps I can help with some names for the bottom row of the Roding Boys 1984/85 photo.
Excuse me if I get any wrong - it was some time ago! Daniel McNicol, Ron (Ghandi) Wilkinson, Justin Truckle, Stuart Pearce, Steven Crich, Tim Thorogood, James (Iron Maiden) Bedding, Richard Schonfeldt, Paul Farrow and Matthew Plastow. Pheww that took some stirring up of the grey matter.
Is anyone in touch with Brooksy(Housemaster), cos I'd love to speak to him again, miserable Welsh git that he was!
If any of the guys mentioned above read this - do you remember getting pissed in the dorm thanks to Schonfeldt' booze and being made to stand in the corridor with our noses on the wall, and our feet two feet from it? Or Skitzo(music teacher) coming in and finding us all out of it? Or night visiting Roding Girls? Them were the days.
Thanks again to Ralph for the website, a wicked laugh remembering how little work we actually did.
Feel free to get in touch if you remember me from Adam.

Ron Wilkinson
Roding Boys

From: "Martin Lamb" <M.E.Lamb@btinternet.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 29 June 2001 21:38

Hi Ralph,

And you thought you'd lost me! Just want you to know that I think you've done a great job with the website redesign, looks very professional, and glad to see it going from strength to strength. The faster page load is a big improvement.

I recently came across several photos of the 84' leavers dinner and the 84' 5th year basketball team and thought you might like to host them on your site so I've scanned and attached them for you.

Does anybody out there know what became of Stuart Poulton or the rest of my year in Roxwell (79-84)?

Have you considered as part of the website a page dedicated to photos of 'Old Scholars' as they are now, a type of then and now. This could even include details of what people are up to in life i.e. location, job and marital status etc. This would be of great interest to all I'm sure and could be a bit of a laugh. Let us know and I'll send you a recent photo to start it off.

Once again keep up the good work.


Martin Lamb

From: "Steve" <stevecrich@btinternet.com>
To: "ralphcrich" <ralphcrich@ntlworld.com>
Subject: hockerill
Date: 28 June 2001 22:48

Dear ralph
I have been reading your site regularly and have seen an increasing number of names that I recognize and remember, however I do have a real problem putting faces to the names.

I read the email from Emma Fulford and I'm sure that her sister, Jude was in my year at hockerill. If this is so then I'm also sure that she actually left school in 1988 unless I've been living a lie about my age all this time!

I also remember Ursula Garstangs' name and the play "brush with a body" but not the face. Sorry Ursula!! If there are any more pictures with a close up I'm sure it would all come flooding back. Richard Wilson played The Irish chimney sweep in that play (I think.) He was in Chelmer boys in the year above me. Another actor in this most professional adaptation (?!!) was Daniel Mcnichol, who has already emailed you. I remember Dan wining awards at school for drama and his ability to make very good adlibs. Well don't I sound like a lovie?

Any way back to hockerill..... I see Nicola Goldsmith (roding) from time to time in Great Leighs and met up with her and Michelle Goldstone (Chelmer), Alyssa Jarvis and Amanda Frost (both Thames I think) and Roselyn Potter (Roding) a couple of years ago.

I also met up for a quick chat with Richard Schonfeldt (Roding) who was working for Cambridge computer firm as a salesman, Very appropriate I thought!!

Well I will call it a day there but will return with the names for the school photo that includes me and Daniel Mcnichol and other 2nd year erberts as we were then.

Take care

From: "victoria froment" <vfroment81@hotmail.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Date: 28 June 2001 22:04

Hi Ralf, you won't know me. My name is Vicky Froment & I attended Hockerill from 1992 to 1997. I was originally in Chelmer/Shannon Girls & then when they started getting more day pupils all of the girls moved to Roding & all the boys between Thames/Roding building & Roxwell. Its quite sad really as boarding was such a good experience. I hope the people who emailed with their concerns about how few younger students have contacted the website will take that back! It was good to hear some names from my year...Stuart Holroyd, James Igglesdon & Raymond Trott. Keep up the good work, this was a great idea.

From: <cindy.cohen@ars.aon.co.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Date: 28 June 2001 11:12

Fantastic to see the website. Went to a reunion with a few of us last week and was told about it. Was very strange to everyone. We spent the first ten minutes staring at each other......but managed okay after lots of vino!!!
Emma De Vaux, Louise Smitten, Cindy Cohen and Elouise Donnelly in the same room again! Spooky!

From: "Rak Patel" <RPatel@Lastminute.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 27 June 2001 14:17

Hello Ralph

My name is Rak and I am a alcoholic ( Ooops wrong start..) I was in Thames house during it's hayday till 89. I found your site and thought it was excellent, looking at some of the photo's brings back lots of memories.... I can still hear Mr Sutton's famous ' 30 seconds till inspection boys' when i get up in the morning!!!

I still keep in touch with some of the guys and gals from my year ( With my Tony Hadley flick i was one for the ladies..) we still crack up at some of the stuff we did and got away with.

Glad someone got round to doing something like this, i will have alook around and try and find some old school photoes to send you.

Congrats on a great site.. keep it up!!

Rak Patel

From: "TROTT,RAYMOND (Non-HP-UnitedKingdom,ex1)" <raymond_trott@non.hp.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 27 June 2001 10:52

if you want some more photos of hockerill... contact stone_alex@hotmail.com for his web link...
Also i was a pupil there from i think '92 to '97 we are also trying to otrganize a reunion of our year group. We have about 60 people contacted so far and a few other.
But anyway if you contact alex you could get more photos from when school house turned into Rhone house!!
Raymond Trott

From: "Kerrie Jones" <k.jones@wolff-olins.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 22 June 2001 17:37

Hi Ralph,

I only just found out about your site today and seeing as its Friday have been engrossed ALL DAY! Its fabulous, well done. I was at Hockerill from 1984 to 1989 - Roding Girls (best house of course won all the trophies) haha. Anyway, I'm still in touch with a few faces from school, Kerrie Jackson, Rak, Jo Raynor and Karen Christie, also have seen Andy Payne a couple of times over the years. Would love to hear from anyone else.
Recently got in touch with Jacob Darvill and Ursula Garstang through Friends re-united and last but not least the lovely Dan McNicol.

LOVED Claire Langridges Mr Townsend expression, classic one, laughed for days. Also love the school pictures. I have masses at home, I'll pick out some choice ones and scan them in next week. Look out everyone in my year!! I really want to get in touch with Emma Gray, if anyone knows where she's hiding let me know, and Matthew Plastow also, year above me.

I went back to the school recently to visit, and bumped into Mr Mason (still has terrible coffee breath, I suppose that comes with being a teacher) sorry Mr Mason if your reading it, great man, awful breath. The girls were wearing trousers and the quad had fire doors in the middle of each corridor!!

You should get a copy of the old promotional video so people can watch it on the site, what do you think? Plus I'm in it and would love to see it again. (So vain I know)

Congrats again, you've done a great job.

And feel free everyone to get in touch.

Big Love

Kerrie Jones Aged 28 and 3/4

Kerrie Jones
Wolff Olins
10 Regents Wharf
All Saints Street
London, N1 9RL

Tel: 020 7551 4790
Fax: 020 7551 4850

From: "jonathan" <jonathan@JUST35.com>
To: <Hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Old photos
Date: 14 June 2001 13:12

My name is Jonathan Baron, and I was at Hockerill from 85 - 90. The photo with the wet sponge throwing in, on the left is a guy called Gavin who was in Chelmer ( nickname was ham head if i remember correctly). In the background sat down is physics teacher Phil Weihmann, who was deputy house master for chelmer at the time.
I would definitely be interested in a reunion soon as until recently I haven't seen anyone from school.
My Nephew also went to Hockerill !!! He was probably one of the last intake. His name was Stuart Holroyd, and he was in Thames, and was a bit of a favourite with the girls.
Rumour has it that there will be a reunion in the summer actually at the school, has anybody else heard about this? Look forward to hearing from you,
Jon Baron

From: "Harri Kalp" <viviennelewis@cwcom.net>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 07 June 2001 19:16

Hi Ralph

You may not remember me, but I think you will remember my brother Henry Lewington, and maybe my cousin Simon, well I am Henry's little sister Harri Lewington. (Known as Harriet at school or Hatty)

I think this site is a wonderful idea, and I have had a great time remembering things that happened at school, and this has brought back a lot of memories.!!! I will try and dig out some pictures I was in Chelmer from 1982-1987, I cant say that they were all the best years of my life, but certainly looking back now, we all had a good time.

Unfortunately I have lost contact with everybody I went to Hockerill with, so if there is anybody out there that remembers me, send me an e-mail and let me know whats happening in your lives now.


From: "emma fulford" <emma_fulford@yahoo.co.uk>
To: <ralphcrich@ntlworld.com>
Subject: A wonderful trip down memory lane
Date: 06 June 2001 17:55

Hi Ralph


I definitely remember the name but not sure we actually ever met. I was at Hockerill from 1981 – 1986 and saw Alex and Thalias emails, which prompted me to write (was in the same year as them!) Mt younger sister also went to Hockerill Jude Fulford was a 1983 -1990 scholar!! We had a bit of a girly reunion a couple of years back with Marnie Caruzzi, SJ Tenent, Melissa Grout, Alex Leppard, Nicky Richardson, Sam Newman, Thalia Stevens, Mandy Marlow, Claire (sorry, surname has gone again). It will come back as soon as I have sent this. Sorry if I have forgotten anyone. Talking to the girls on our get together made me realise how much we have all moved on but none of us have really changed that much. I don’ believe I have any photos’ which is such a shame but if I do come across any I promise to forward them.

I am now living in London and working for Virgin Records - pretty much stayed interested in music (thanks to Mr Grierson and NOT thanks to Mr Sutton!!!)

I was in Chelmer Girls and still worry about the fact that we only had something ridiculous like 2 minutes to get out in a fire practise (being accommodated over the science labs was not all fun!!!)

I recall most of my memories at Hockerill as great fun and will always cherish them – apart from the last year maybe, when those who know me well will know why!

I don’t know if Sarah Jane or Marnie know about this site. But if you guys are ever checking in – HELLO!

Sad to hear that the school is no longer what it used memories.

Please post this on your internet site and if anybody reads and wants to get in touch, my email is emma_fulford@yahoo.co.uk.

Best Wishes
Emma Fulford

From: "Jenny Smitten" <jsmitten@express.co.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Date: 04 June 2001 16:14

Great web-site!

I didn't think I would know anyone as I only attended for the first Two years, but I do recognise a few names.
I was in Roxwell House from 89-91, with Katie Young, Karina Baras and Bianca Batley, to name just a few.

If anyone would like to get in touch, my e-mail address is jsmitten@express.co.uk

Take care

Jenny Smitten
Roxwell girls 89-91

From: "Gregory Peters" <montypeters@hotmail.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 04 June 2001 11:20

Dear Ralph,
I want to let you know that many peolple will and are very gratefull for
your time and effort in making this very good site and who is that girl
in uniform on in field,listening to the sound of music:) and to the people
who made Hockerill before and after me,two people in the background of that
photograph a man with black hair and a woman with loads off hair in front of
the girl with her hand to her ear look like my mum and dad when they were
younger,at the time I was being I think that I was being shat on in Ireland
at the of 8 Hockerill brought me back
to a the country in which I was born and after the accent that I had picked
up wore off the teasing subsided ooops and I had a laugh,thanks
again.regards Greg Peters.

From: "Gregory Peters" <montypeters@hotmail.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 04 June 2001 10:15

Dear Older Scholars and Friends,
I am a little bit taken aback at the statement that
one senior girl has made the suggestion that the later years at Hockerill
don't care,this is not true and as was pointed out by another older
Ha.ocker' the school turned into a secret sect of silent druids,headed
by faceless members of staff as a result we of the later 80's have been
somewhat coy in revealing the life at Hockerill coping with staff which
found it difficult to cope the the amalgomation of two schools,and obviously
decided to add a touch of cultism anyhow the frequent changes
of heads and various shinnaigans that took place on the field and in other
secret areas of the school filled my days with the blissfull abscence from
parents which was filled with life at Hockerill and ferocoius second
helpings of puddings,if you were sly enough mmmm.mmm
my favourite,laters baters.

From: "James A Grant" <jamesgrant78@netscapeonline.co.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 03 June 2001 19:54

Hello Ralph,

Found your website, and although a little before my time (1989 -1994), I
thought I'd drop you a line. I've had a few emails about this and
figured you might wnat to know taht someone has set up a contact board
for those who attended Hockerill from way back when to present day.
Check it out at http://www.friendsreunited.co.uk

Best Regards


From: <melanie.garstang@citicorp.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 17 May 2001 12:56

I couldn't believe my ears when my sister told me about this site - Nor my eyes
when I saw it - It's a superb idea.
I was one of the original pupils starting my first year when the school opened
(1980 - 85) in school house girls with Miss Johnson and Miss Matthews and
moving to Thames girls with Miss Thompson and Miss Scully. I recognised a
couple of names from my year on the EMail list - I shared a room in Thames with
Lynda Wylie. I also got put on detention for wearing David Chambers prefect
Badge (another bust by Mr Bogdin!!!!)
It's hard to believe it was all so long ago - about 16 years.

Congrats on a brilliant idea and a really good site

Mel Garstang

From: "kennylands" <kennylands@btinternet.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Former Kennyland students
Date: 14 May 2001 22:35

Dear Ralph

Having at long last visited the Hockerill site, I would like to ask if you
would be kind enough to add the following so that former Kennylands students
can contact us for our forthcoming allcomers reunion.

"There will be another Kennylands allcomers reunion during the weekend
26/27th October 2002. For further details, please email Margaret at
kennylands@btinternet.com or Sandy at Sandicactus@btinternet.com" Many

Margaret York (nee Wright) & Sandy Hawkins (nee Barker) 1963-68

From: "Ursula Garstang" <craig.ursula@virgin.net>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill Old Scholars
Date: 12 May 2001 12:54


My name is Ursula Garstang I went to Hockerill from Sept 1984 to June 1989 and was a Thames Girl. My sister Melanie also went to Hockerill from 1980 till 1985 and was a Thames Girl also (stands to reason I know). Did you know her?

I was browsing the site and noticed a distict lack of photos and I have managed to dig a few out of me and friends at a School Summer fayre when I was a 4th Year and a 5th year. Those uniforms my what a fashion statement we made.

Well if you are intrested in the photos let me know.I have so far only managed to dig out 8 but I know someone who probably has loads and loads of photos from 1980 to 1989 and thats my uncle bit of a photo nut so he has tons. I could ask him to go on a dig if you like? let me know.

I have also just sent an e-mail to Lynda Wyle as she shared a dorm with my sis and I knew her so it was strange to see a name I knew on the contacts page.I have noted that all the info you have and contacts you have are of the older old scholars. obviously the others don't care.

Do you have a brother called Stephen? because I am sure I went out with and did a play called 'a brush with a body' with said person when I was a third year and was wondering if you were related? as you share the same surname. He would of been in the year above me.

Well nothing else to say like the site and I will keep visiting to check it out and see if there have been any updates.

Bye for now


From: "dowding" <dowding@ic24.net>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Email addresses update
Date: 06 May 2001 22:13

I *think* I left Hockerill in '87 : I was in Roxwell.
Feel free to publish my email address jeff@preou.com
(this is my sister's PC - I currently live in NZ and I'm back in the UK to
go to a family wedding.

Incidentally, James Igglesden is my brother - his address listed on your
site is wrong. He is in NZ too and his current address is

Jeff Preou

From: "louise smitten" <lsmitten@handbag.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Date: 23 April 2001 11:42

Hello Chris, Micheal and Charlie.

What a great web site!!

I remember you Chris and the enormous crush you had on Charlie.

How is everyone?

Have you kept in touch with anyone from our year,Charlie? What about you, Micheal?

When is there a reunion?

Take care

Louise Smitten
Roxwell girls 1987-92

Get free email at http://mail.handbag.com
and visit www.handbag.com

From: "Emma Currin" <emma.currin@ncdl.org.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Date: 18 April 2001 17:01


I was Emma de Vaux and was in Roxwell girls I was there from 1987-1992.

Brilliant Site. Didn't think that I would know anyone. I do miss those days. I hated them at the time but now look back with great memories.

How funny remembering some of the teachers. Loved that bit from Claire about Roger Townsend! How funny I remember that as well. I knew Chris Kent (yes you were always writing letters especially to the Smittens, you must
remember them Chris!), Cindy and of course Charlotte and Micheal Dyos who were in my year.

If anyone wants to contact me my address is emmacurrin@hotmail.com
Emma Currin

From: "Al McCulloch" <al@mcculloch.net>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Cc: <Fiona.A.Jackson@btinternet.com>
Subject: Hockerill/Kennylands
Date: 10 April 2001 08:50

After years of trying to find some old school friends, I was delighted to see a website dedicated to Hockerill – even if I only spent one year there! I tried writing to the school on several occasions only to receive no reply,
which I suppose is no great shock considering I now know it had closed! I went to Kennylands from ’76 to ’80 and then spent ’81 in the 5th year at Hockerill.

Good to see some familiar names through your mail/Guestbook! Fiona Jackson from the year below me (the name of the matron you were thinking of Fiona was Elizabeth Hughes, a woman who could put the fear of God into you if she wanted to!). Cath Cooper (nee Nickless) – remember the 5th year “cross-country runs” where we would sneak off for a crafty fag?? Lynsey and
Theresa Squire... Flashback to Kennylands; remember Allan Brown’s PD (Penalty Drill) on a Saturday morning? The sponsored walks? Mr Delves’ (Delbo) new VW convertible Beatle? Roger (Bumper, Beardhead) Townsend’s
Commer Van? Many, many more memories…

The site could do with a few more photo’s though! I have a few from Kennylands but that is about it. I think they are of the RS area, 5th year house, and 1 of the sports field with Amanda Dell, Juilet Polley (I think she married Tim Burdett not long after leaving) and Margaret Barnett.

The site that I made contact with Alex Algar (Carol Aykin’s brother) is at www.friendsreunited.co.uk <http://www.friendsreunited.co.uk/> and is well worth a link to – it can be configured so that every time a new pupil
registers their details with it, it sends you an e-mail to let you know. If anyone is interested in tracing old friends/family not from their school days, one of my sites ( www.watn.co.uk <http://www.watn.co.uk/> ) has a
hoard of useful links to other resources.

If anyone can remember the thin spotty thing I used to be (in the 5th year at Hockerill in ’81, I was the one with the spiked up hair – apparently the fact that I had put a red stripe into my hair was the subject of discussion at a Board meeting!), then feel free to mail me at: al@mcculloch.net

And finally… Keep up the good work! It is good to see that someone has taken the time and effort to produce a site that invokes so many good (and some bad!) memories.


Al McCulloch (Alastair ‘Colley’ McCulloch)

From: "Darvill, Jake" <Jake.Darvill@perkinelmer.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Date: 09 April 2001 09:53

Nice one on the site, I wen't to hockerill between the years of 84-89 and was a chelmer lad just about remember waggstaff and some of the others , trying to get in contact with anyone who remembers me little old Jake seems like forever- since we left would be nice to see what the class of '89' are up to send mailto jake.darvill@perkinelmer.com or to cremdalacrem@hotmail.com many thanks Jake Darvill prisoner from 1984-1989.many thanks.

Jake Darvill


From: "Carol Aykin" <carol.aykin@which.net>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hello....
Date: 08 April 2001 02:23

Don't know whether you'll remember me, I think you were in the year below me. My name was Carol Algar, and my brother Alex was also at Hockerill and was 2 years above me, so was only there for 1 year.
I hadn't even thought about the net for anything to do with school, until my sister asked me to look up a website called 'FriendsReunited' so she could search for 'ex-Kennylands' friends of hers (her name is Jacky Algar and was 4 years above me - so went to Kennylands but not Hockerill). Since then I have found various sites for both Kennylands and Hockerill, and have found myself to be intrigued. I would love to get in contact with anyone that remembers me, and am interested in any future reunions.
Congratulations on your website, it certainly appears to be one of the most popular of those that I've found !

I was just scanning through the panoramic picture of Hockerill, and found myself - oh dear ! - I am the one standing behind the beardy teacher, whose name I can't now remember, but I know he taught us GPA (Politics). On my right is Theresa Squire, standing behind a guy who taught English - can't remember his name either. I think he taught 2nd set English and was thought to be far nicer than Mr Lamb who taught 1st set ! Next to him is Mr Davies - mad Welsh Physics teacher, was known to have thrown the occasional chair, and frequent board rubber around the room.Then there is Mr Neale, Mr Cooper, and Mr Dodd. On my left is Claire Cooper (I think...), Wendy Craven, Michaela Coghlan...sad news to hear about her illness.
There are others that I recognise and could give you names for if you do ever want to try and put names to all the faces !


Carol Aykin (nee Algar)

From: "Sean Maynard" <sean@maynard75.fsnet.co.uk>
Time:3:21:39 PM

Dear Ralph, Well done old bean on what is a truly spectacular site,.....However, I am suprised you can remember much about schooldays , as you were either pissed in Roding boys toilet or escaping on a Saturday night !!! - I would love to hear from old classics like the boys from the school band (Andy Joslin, Mark Carew & Toby Brodrip), but hell what about all the rest of the Class of 80-84 ?.........we were the true pioneers, face to face in the Quad, Kennylands 1st years staring out the Fyfield Fiesty Boys.......with Richard 'Gert' Adams leading the charge...........Keep it up Ralph, and get those E-Mithers rolling........sean@maynard75.fsnet.co.uk (My sister Miffy Maynard would also like to hear from those in her year 80-85 ?)

From: "Dave Wiltshire" <davewiltshire@worces.fsnet.co.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: fyfield reunion
Date: 21 February 2001 22:26

What a night!! It was great to see Rupert Kirby , Peter Joslin , Sue May and Your good self. You mention in your report of the reunion that you did not recognise me at first, this was partly due to you forgetting the well known phrase " a good wine gets better with age" and so it could be questioned if Rupert or Peter were ever "a good wine" (only joking guys). As you say it was nice to see Sue and what a surprise it was! She hadn't changed at all and it was nice to see someone else from my year. It was also good to see Jason although I did not recognise the name I recognised the face (and who wouldn't!) from hours of watching Andrew Joslin and Jason in their Band at Hockerill ! (thanks to Peter for putting me through that).

Shirley I think was a little disappointed being the only pupil from the class of 83 at the reunion but she did not let that spoil her night and I think she really enjoyed it.

As fro you...Thanks for all the hard work on this site, it is appreciated and just one more thing...it's your round at the next reunion!

Dave Wiltshire class of 82 ( class being the operative word!)

From: "a2bExpressServices" <a2bExpressServices@ic24.net>
To: <j.marven@virgin.net>
Cc: "Ralph" <ralphcrich@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Reunion
Date: 19 February 2001 11:04

Hi buddy

Had a fab night !!
I wanted to say thanks to you both for being there! At least I remembered 4 faces in the crowd!
I would of felt so out of place it the 5 of us hadn't met up!
Will you try to keep a special eye out for those who attended Hock from 1980 - 1985. That covers the first 5 years it opened.
Hey! We may even see someone else we know.
I don't mind co-coordinating it all - but I don need contacts - Help Please?

You were both Kind and thoughtful and I enjoyed your conversation and company - Some what of a surprise, I remember that all the boys at school were slugs and snails and puppy dog tails.

I was glad to be there - It was wonderful to see Peter and Rupert too.
Anyway - best do some work
Please do keep in touch -

From: "fivemarriotts" <fivemarriotts@netscapeonline.co.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Change of address
Date: 13 February 2001 09:51

Dear Ralph,
Just a quick one to let you know my new E mail address it is:
I have been in touch with Wendy Craven as a result of your webpage, it
turned out that she was trying to contact me when Michaela was very ill
but had no luck.
I would really like to have a reunion if at all possible.
Take care Theresa Marriott

From: "Fiona.A.Jackson" <Fiona.A.Jackson@btinternet>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Old Kennylanders
Date: 11 February 2001 15:59

Found this site whilst playing with the Kennylands site. I only went to Hockerill once, to receive our o' level certificates in the autumn of 1980.
My name is Fiona Jackson and I was house captain of Reading girls in Kennylands final year. I remember Theresa Squires and also Michele Coghlan and looking through the photos the teachers who moved to Hockerill, Peter Lamb, Andrew Dodd, Chris Wright, Roger Townsend, Richard Neal, Joy Betts, Miss Johnson, Mr Brown. I think also there was one of the school matrons, Elizabeth someone and the nutty bloke with the beard who taught drama and whose name escapes me.
I have been into Hockerills current site and was dismayed to see what the school had become. But was then relieved to see an email here from their principal to say that the original Hockerill was closed in 94 and had nothing whatsoever to do with the posh version that they were running... Well yah boo sucks its his loss.
If any old Kennylandians wish to communicate or, if anyone can tell me how to get in touch with some of the afore-mentioned names please email me at Fiona.A.Jackson@btinternet.com
Many thanks
Ps Great site.

From: <LyndaGrant30@aol.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: 1980-1985
Date: 11 February 2001 15:36

Dear Ralph,
what a wonderful website, I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw our old
blazer badge, I didn,t know many people who had left messages as most of them came after us, a few were older and I do kind of remember their names, but I remembered David chambers and Michael Stevens, they were in my year.
I have only great memories of Hockerill, and even after leaving sixteen years
ago, I still remember things that even to this day has me laughing out loud.
I look forward to reading many more memories, Best Wishes for now.

Lynda Wylie

From: "Totino, Cindy" <Cindy.Totino@au.faulding.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Memories
Date: 09 February 2001 08:59


It was good to find a site for old scholars of Hockerill Boarding School, I
(Cindy Sparks) attended the school from 1985 - 1990 (Roxwell Girls). I have
many happy and sad memories of my time spent at the school and I made life
long friends. I now reside in Australia but will be returning to England in
May 2001 where I will visit the school and hopefully catch up with a few old
friends. I can't believe how time can fly, it has been 11 years since
leaving and it only seems like yesterday.

If anyone remembers who I am, feel free to drop me an email to exchange

Take care.

Cindy Totino (nee Sparks)

From: <JEMSTERCREW@aol.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Roxwell Boys Rule
Date: 01 February 2001 18:13

Hi my name is Chris Kent. I was at Hockerill from 89-92 when my time there
came to an abrupt end as I was expelled!! I have looked through the web
site, but haven't found any familiar faces or names. I have a terrible
memory! There must be someone who remembers me, I was the worst kid ever!!
I remember some names (mostly girls) as I wrote them letters a lot during
prep time. Can someone let me know about any reunions for my year? I was in
Roxwell Boys and during my first year I got caught walking the quad!! Please
help me remember my school days. I think the stuff we smoked out of my
window that Graham Mckenna brought back from leave weekend has taken it's
P.s. Hi to Charlie my first love!!
and to Dale payne, Greg Mullin (even though you always kick my head in), and
Dominic Mcgirl. "Now were Roxwell and we take no ****"
My e-mail address is csk_1976@yahoo.com

From: "mcnicoldan" <dan@trianglerecruitment.co.uk>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Roding Boys
Date: 01 February 2001 12:51

Dear Ralph

I'm afraid I don't remember you but after browsing your web site I'm pretty sure I was in the same house and year as your brother steven. What's happened to him? After leaving Hockerill I lost touch pretty quickly with all but 2 ex pupils, Matt Collins ( still speak to weekly ) and Tim Thorogood havn't seen for some years now. My work has enabled me to meet 2 others from lower years both the patel brothers, Rack and Amit who I speak to regulary.

I think I can name the bottom row of roding boys 84/85 but I can't get a good enough quality picture!

Dan McNicol.