1999/2000 Mail

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From: "Charlie Woolven" <charlie.woolven@justice.com>
To: <hockerill@ntlworld.com>
Date: 08 November 2000 13:33

Dear Ralph,

May I first congratulate you on such an excellent website. It has enabled me to get in touch with a few people that I used to know and some others that I didn’t just to share a few of those scary memories of Hockerill.

Back in those days I was in good ol Roxwell girlies and was later made House Captain. Fondest memories include...the drama surrounding Vicky Clarke getting expelled, SNAP week (a odd week when all the teachers dressed as druids....honest!) Mr Collier breaking his leg at the first Hockerill Fireworks display. Hockerill…ahhh fond memories. There are many more flooding back now, some of which are perhaps too embarrassing to share.

But well done for putting together this site, it is truly marvellous.

Charlie Woolven

From: "Dave" <Dave@easterndata.co.uk>
To: <ralphcrich@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill School 1981-86.
Date: 02 November 2000 10:41

Firstly I would like to congratulate you on an excellent site.

However, I would like to say that I am in no way responsible for the demise of Mr Perry (Ex Headmaster) - any of the allegations made towards me are ill founded. I also feel that the restraining order that was taken against was a little severe. I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to any former pupils/teachers that I may have tormented during my stretch.

In case you don't remember me I have 2 Brothers who also went to Hockerill Graham(78-83) part Fyfield, Andrew (80-85).

I have lost contact will some very goods friends. Please email me if you wish to get in contact with me, or if you wish to contact either of my brothers.

David Smith (81-86),
Chelmer Boys.

From "James Igglesden" macesplace@xtra.co.nz Sun, 29 Oct 2000 00:23

Hey, I am trying to get in contact with Andrew Dodd, Chelmer House Master of '92. I left UK and moved to NZ in 93. If you can help in anyway please contact me. Also if you knoew Jeff Preou from Roxwell pelase contact me.
James Igglesden
Chelmer Boys.

FFrom: <mikedyos@talk21.com>
To: <ralphcrich@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill school
Date: 05 September 2000 01:56

I think your web site is fantastic. I'm so pleased some one has organised a re-union.

I was at hockerill from 1989 (2nd year) to 1992. I was the house captain of Chelmer Boy's. My sister also went there from 91 to 95.

I look back on my school days and often wish i could wind back time and make more of Hockerill. It's a shame that, that nasty Mr Paul Andrews (who also expelled me) turned a fine co-ed state boarding school into a european peice of junk. plase add me to your links.


Michael Dyos
House Captain 1992
Chelmer Boy's

From: "Claire Machin" <mavt69@dial.pipex.com>
To: <ralphcrich@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill
Date: 31 August 2000 12:15

My names Claire Langridge and my brother Robin was 2 years above me, we were both in Roding.
I remember some of your names, but don't really remember any of you, as I only started at Hockerill in 1986, and have now reached the grand old age of 25.
The main things I can remember about Hockerill was getting sooooo pissed on scrumpy that I couldn't see on the school trip to Swanage and being carried back up the hill to the Youth Hostel by Michael Farrow (thanks!) 'Von' Browns evil handshakes, smoking out the windows of SHG whilst a monitor (and nearly throwing up!!) and having endless rows with 'Dave the Rave' our maths Teacher. God I was a stroppy little madam!!
I was in Roding with Rachael Turner, Lesley Birkin, Debbie Rankin, Sara Flynn, Beth Davies, Heidi Eden, Lisa Collier and Lisa Carrie, that's just reminded me of another memory, Leslie's bum and bright pink knickers stuck through the bars of the window while trying to escape from Roding girls one night!
I haven't really seen anyone since leaving, I've seen Kirsty Watts a couple of times, Doug & Michael Farrow but not recently, Rachael & Kirsty also came to my Hen night but that was 4 years ago.
When I left I went to art college and then started working with Keith Wright, who was at Hockerill for a couple of years and his brother Steve who was also at Hockerill, I think he was in the same year as Seth Wells.
After that i lived in a camper in Cornwall for a year & I'm now a refformed hippy, living in the middle of nowhere in Suffolk with my husband and our 3 dogs. I'm a manager for a wine company, but have more or less given up getting pissed, I've decided I've made enough of an arse of myself doing that! Still smoking though, given up giving up!
My brother, who was always a computer boff, is now living near Cambridge with his lass Kerry, he is a manager for a computer firm or something.. far too technical for me to work out, I don't think he is in touch with anyone, I will find out next time I see him.

Anyway, I'll stop gibbering now, I'm so glad you have no scary photo's of me on the site, Bad hair days or what!
If anyone wants to get in touch, drop us a line, I'm sure you can all remember more embarrassing things that I've done that I would rather forget!!

Thanks for a very funny but scary web site!

P.S Roger & Maureen Townsend - What a couple...does anyone remember the classic phrase 'you're wasting my time, your time, and everybody else's time....' God I hated Chemistry!
P.P.S... Actually i hated Eggy bread as well..evil stuff, give me a Bar 6 anyday.
From: mavt69@dial.pipex.com

From: "Jim Clayton" <jvclayton@hotmail.com>
To: <ralphcrich@ntlworld.com>
Subject: What the f*&%
Date: 12 August 2000 19:36

Dear Mr Crich

I feel I must complain in the strongest terms. I know the internet can be a
disturbing place but I have just been face to face with one of the more
sordid aspects of the information superhighway. There are some very dodgy
photos of teenage girls and boys with spots that seem to suggest an over
indulgence on eggy bread and spam fritters.
Please, please, please, clean up your website - you'll scare the living
pants off anyone who doesn't know what they are letting themselves in for...

Disgusted of Colchester.

ps - where the hell was I when the 1982 2nd year football team photo was
taken? Answers on a postcard to Keep My Schooldays a Secret Campaign, Box 1,

pps - I know the whereabouts of some of the people you seek - leave a plate
of eggy bread and beans in locker No.365 at Paddington Station and I will
contact you shortly.

ppps - You alright?

From: "David Chambers" <david@hedingham-sudbury.freeserve.co.uk>
To: <ralphcrich@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill web site
Date: 07 August 2000 21:18

Dear Ralph,

I can't say I remember you, but I was in the same year as your brother Paul. I was the Thames House Captain in 1985.
I have been looking at your photograph "School House Boys 1982", but I think your dates are slightly out.
This was my year (I'm in the back row, standing to the right of the matron - can't remember her name).This would have been taken some time between September 1980 and July 1981.
I can remember some names and will try to fill in the gaps as best I can.

Back row from left to right. Toks Osakoya, Simon ??? (Head boy 1985 and house captain of Roxwell boys), Kevin Frith (Roxwell), ??, Mr Stuart Cooper, ??, Matron, Me - David Chambers (Thames House captain 1985), ??, Mr Mark Davies (Physics), ??, ??, ??.

MIddle row from Left to right. Daniel Gurney, Daniel Maitland-Wood, ??, James Edwards, Paul Crich, Lance Ridler, Septimus Smith, ??, Nick Fisher, ??, ??, Phillip Stubbings, Justin Platt.

Front row from Left to right. Sorry I can remember the faces, but can't think of any names.

I can remember some of the teachers names too.
Mr. David Grierson (Music).
Mr. Peter Lamb (English)
Mr. Ian Mason (Maths)
Miss Jenny Wall (Drama & Roxwell girls).
Mr. Richard Neal (P.E.)
Miss Helen Willey (Maths & Roxwell girls).
Mr. Mark Davies (Physics & Roding boys).
Mr. Peter Burgess (Chemistry & Chelmer boys).
Mr. Alan Collyer (Metal work).

It's great to see some of the old pictures and I would love to here from any one in my year. What is your younger brother up to these days?

Remember me to him and please feel free to include my e mail address on your site. It would be great to organise a reunion - let me know if I can be of any help to get this going!!

Keep up the good work and thanks for stirring some happy memories.

ps I did bump into Phillip Stubbings a few years back. He had been an estate agent and was, at the time I met up with him, training to be a motorcycle riding instructor with CSM? at Chelmsford.
Just for your records, I'm now a transport manager for a bus and coach company.

I can be contacted at: david@hedingham-sudbury.freeserve.co.uk

From: "James Millard" <jwfmillard@yahoo.co.uk>
To: <ralphcrich@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Fyfield and Maldon
Date: 19 July 2000 22:35

I'm sure the last time I saw you, you were serving beers at the The Old Ship
in Heybrdge Basin! Well done for getting a site together for hockerill - I
saw the link from the Fyfield site which I've only just discovered and am
beginning to make contact with some of my peers from 75-80.

Hope all's well with you and i look forward to hearing from you and perhaps
meeting up at the alledged Feb 01 re-union


James Millard

From: "Jason Marven" <j.marven@virgin.net>
To: <ralphcrich@ntlworld.com>
Date: 16 July 2000 22:29

Hi Ralph,

Met your brother Steven in Colchester on friday how are you ?

Checked out your Web site tonight and noted that Theresa would like to
contact Michaela Coghlan. It is with great regret that I must inform you
that Michaela passed away earlier this year after a long fight against

My eternal memory of her will be standing in her underwear in Roding Girls
at about 3am in the morning when Dave Hassel and I went night visiting in
my third year.

I thank you for this beautiful image Michaela and may God rest your soul.

On a lighter note Ralph after sharing a room with you for most of my school
life its about time you could spell my bloody surname

Take care

PS Kate,Charlotte & Sophie send their love

From: "Matthew Thompson" <Matthew@colchester8.freeserve.co.uk>
To: <ralphcrich@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Thames House Boys!
Date: 08 July 2000 09:57

Hi Ralph,

A strange thing happened to me the other day - I met someone I recognised called Stephen Crich, and he told me about your site. So I searched and came up with the Kennylands site, and the school site.

I decided to send an e-mail to the Kennylands site, and have just found your link to this new site. I must say I do not remember you, but I do remember your Brothers.

I went to Hockerill from 1982-1987, and was in Thames house boys. School house monitor 1986, and Vice house Captain 1987.

I remember my days at Hockerill with some very fond memories, and can remember most of my year group. Hence I can tell you that the names missing from your Roding Boys 1984 photo are: front row: Martin Brown, Shane Howard, Ian Crawford, Seth Wells, Wesley Scrutton, Jason Holland, Terry Southam, Matthew Coplestone, and Robert Dennis. The 1985 photo has the same group, just a different order, however Jon Gilchrist is not one of the front row, as he was in my year and Thames.

If people don't remember me, they may remember my Brother David Chambers (1980-1985), or my Sister Claire Chambers (1984-1987), both in Thames.

I have seen very few people since leaving, and have not kept in touch with any one unfortunately. But have seen a few people around. I would be glad of any correspondence from any one who knew me.

Keep up the good work with the site, it would be great to see it expand.

Matthew Thompson (Chambers)

From: "Christina Thomsen Thörnqvist" <christina.thornqvist@class.gu.se>
To: <ralphcrich@ntlworld.com>
Subject: guest student
Date: 29 June 2000 15:36

Hi Ralph!

I found your Hockerill-page yesterday and I was thrilled! In the summer of
1987(I think!) I went to Hockerill for a month as a Swedish guest student.
I travelled together with three other girls from Sweden and they also went
to Hockerill but we all lived in separate boarding houses, I stayed at
Roxwell. We all got one Hockerill-pupil each to be our "host." My "guide"
was a really nice girl called Rae(or really Rachel, I guess). Later on I
made VERY good friends with Sarah Merett who was a fifth year at that time.
We stayed in touch for several years after my stay and I also stayed with
her at her place in Essex and at their summerhouse in Somerset for about a
week. Unfortunately we lost touch and I still miss her although it is more
than ten years since we stopped writing. I really don't want to impose on
your time, but can you think of any way of getting her address? Does the
school have any "upp-dated" records of old pupils? I am now a studying for
my phD in Latin at Gothenburg University, I'm married since 1993 and last
spring we had a son. I would so much like to know what happened to Sarah,
Rae, Paul Farrow and all the others I met that unforgettable summer. I've
tried to write to Sarah at her old address but I didn't get any answer. I
can't imagine Sarah not writing back and I think that she might have moved.
The address I wrote to is Potash Farm, Braintree, Essex. Sorry about my
English,I'm afraid that the skills I acquired at Hockerill now are a bit

Thank you for a great page, a true trip down memory lane.

Christina Thomsen Thornqvist, Gothenburg, Sweden

From: "A2BEXPRESS" <A2BEXPRESS@ic24.net>
To: <ralphcrich@skynow.net>
Subject: Old Gits Unite!
Date: 15 June 2000 19:24

Well hello there!

Firstly, well done on a site well overdue! Who am I? Shirley Wiltshire. I want firstly to say thanks for making me feel like an old git! Well, your right about one thing, It really seems like 100 years ago since I hid on the roof of our dorm, having a sneaky fag and waiting form assembly to finish! I was a fairly submissive character in those days, my grades were pants and a was proud of being a typical E grade student! It was brill!

Yup I remember Wendy Craven, Karen Wollgrove, Sally Skates and Teresa.Cath Cooper and other such characters. I remember these people and smile, I guess the relationships good and bad, moulded our personalities for later life.
When I left school I went to college, where I started to "learn" I went from an "E" grade student to A levels. Now am now the Director / Partner In a successful business with my partner Mark.(Been Married and Divorced..) and now I Teach HTML at college in the evenings after 5 years of working in the IT industry. As yet I only have a business web page - not a home page Its like being a decorator - your house is always the last you do!

There were times at school when life seemed hard going, but I remember the people who cared about me and friendships that without I couldn't of made it. Our Parents lived in Germany (British Army) so I remember school being pretty isolating. Thanks to people like Wendy, Sarah Parks, Paul Andrews and Cath Cooper who shared a smile, things never seemed to bad!
I'm looking forward to the reunion in 2001 - I'll keep checking out your site for more name from the class of 92.
Feel free to E-mail me on A2Bexpress@ic24.net or the site suggested by Dave.
Cool photo on your home page a little brave!
Take care my friend, and yes I do remember you!

From: "Dave Wiltshire" <davewiltshire@worces.fsnet.co.uk>
To: <ralphcrich@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Fyfield+Hockerill
Date: 15 June 2000 07:13

Dear Ralph,
Could you possibly place a notice on your site that there will be a school
re-union for all ex-pupils of Fyfield in February 2001 (exact dates and
location to be confirmed) and could anyone who wants to go contact me on the
following E-mail address:

davewiltshire@worces.fsnet.co.uk This is my home e-mail address.

Please do not contact me on the address I have sent this mail from as it is
not checked very often and will change shortly. so could you make sure you
do not publish this address (I know its a pain but it is important)

My sister (Shirley Wiltshire) also has an E-mail address that can be put on
your links page and this is:


I have recently been in contact with Mary Skudder,David Buisson and Rupert
Kirby they in turn have been in contact with many others, I will update you
as and when I can. I can also get messages to Julie and Scott McNeish and
Paul Pritchard as their Parents are still in contact with my father as they
served in the same regiment in the Army.

You are more than welcome to post my sisters and my home e-mail address on
your links.


Dave Wiltshire (Wilky)

From: "Dave Wiltshire" <davewiltshire@worces.fsnet.co.uk>
To: <ralphcrich@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill boarding school
Date: 09 June 2000 14:34

Hi Ralph My name is Dave Wiltshire and I left Hockerill in 1982 and my
sister Shirley left in 1983 after both being in Fyfield . I am also in
contact with Rupert Kirby who may have been your house monitor but I can't
remember which house you where in. I think he was in Thames I was in

Contact me on:


From: "Cath Cooper" <M_Ccooper@tesco.net>
To: "Ralph Crich" <ralphcrich@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Re: Hockerill
Date: 04 June 2000 22:06

After getting an email from Theresa I realise I wasn't in her year, I was in
her sister Lyndsay's year. I said my memory was a blur.Can you change what I
wrote before or just put this email with the other one.
ta Cath Cooper

From: "Cath Cooper" <M_Ccooper@tesco.net>
To: <ralphcrich@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Hockerill
Date: 02 June 2000 21:23

Hello ive just found your web site.I remember your face but I cant remember
anyone by the name of Ralph.My name is Cath Cooper my surname was Nickless
then and I was only at Hockerill for my 5th year 1980/1981, before then I
was at Kennylands. I remember Theresa as we used to be in the same year, I
was in Chelmer house.My 5th year was a blur too much drink and fags. Like
you I'm now in my 30's(too much in my 30's for my liking) I don't smoke,
don't get time to drink and have a husband and 3 daughters to keep me
busy.You can give my email address out If you want.

From: "theresa marriott" <FiveMarriotts@currantbun.com>
To: "ralph crich" <ralphcrich@ntlworld.com>
Subject: old scholars
Date: 31 May 2000 15:04

Dear Ralph,
Thanks for the message.I have no objection to you putting my address on the links to your site.
I had a quick look at your home page.You haven't changed much, just got taller!
I was very surprised to hear that Paul Andrews is a Policeman I still think of him as a little skinny boy! How times change.
There are very few people that I have kept in contact with over the years.I do still see Sally Scates once in a blue moon.She is a dental assistant in Stortford.
I have got some photographs somewhere that will probabely bring back a few memories I will sort them out for you shortly.
Speak to you soon

From: "theresa marriott" <FiveMarriotts@currantbun.com>
To: <ralphcrich@ntlworld.com>
Subject: old scholars
Date: 29 May 2000 19:55

Dear Ralph

My name is Theresa Marriott (nee Squire). I was a year above you at Hockerill and was in Roxwell House.Miss Thompson was my housemistress.I was madly in love with Dick Whitehouse (most of the time anyway!) We went out for nearly two years.
There are many people that I remember and a few I would like to meet up with again.
Wendy Craven,(last known married with three children and living in Colchester.)
Paul Hunter who appears to have fallen off the face of the earth.
Dick Whitehouse (of course).
Henry Perkins,Robert Hill,Michaela Coghlan,Katherine Roberts,Andrew Mullett-Merrick to name but a few.
Your Roding girls 1982 photo has a few names missing.Back row Michaela Coghlan, ?, Claire Cooper.
Second row B.J.Deade,?,?,?,Susan Beacham,?, Sam Kemp,?,Susanne Park.
On one of the Roding Boys Photos the missing name is Ivan Hand.
If anyone is interested there is also a Kennylands website.The address is www.dialprop.com/k-lands/start.htm
I would really like to get in contact with anyone who remembers me, any year, not just my own.

love Theresa

I have recieved the following email from what is now called "Hockerill Anglo-European School"

From: <admin.hockerill@thegrid.org.uk>
To: <ralphcrich@strayduck.com>
Date: 07 March 2000 09:51

7 March 2000

Dear Mr Crich

Thank you for your email. I hope you manage to make contact with some
of your former school friends.

Hockerill School effectively closed in Summer 1994. It became a day and
international college with no connections with its past as an Essex
boarding school.

Yours sincerely,

Dr R B Guthrie

From: "Thalia Stephens" <TStephens@ENO.org>
To: <ralphcrich@skynow.net>
Subject: hello
Date: 11 February 2000 09:01

Just checked out the web site as Alex said there were a few pictures of
people. Dont suppose you remember me but I seem to remember you - didnt
Claire Andrews fancy you or go out with you or something like that. (claire
and I were in the same year)
My brother remembers you also (Michael Stephens) he was in the year below.
I have been upto the school a few times once with Naomi Spens it was very
strange its changed alot but in the wardrobes in roding girls there was
still our graffiti that we did (Sad). And there were only a few teachers
left at that time (a few years ago now) Mr Brooks came up to see us but he
had left Mr Wright was still there and I believe still is - every one else
is long gone. Do you keep in contact with anyone etc. Didnt you live on a
boat or something ???

anyway hope life is treating you well


From: "Mike Stephens" <MStephens@computerland.co.uk>
To: <ralphcrich@skynow.net>
Subject: oi
Date: 10 February 2000 21:11

just discovered your web page....
What you wrote about time passing is spot on , i now feel depressed!

How's beaver ? (Paul)
I shared a room with him for a whole year if you dont remember who i am.
You were in the 5th year and we were 4th years (when we shared on the ground
You were the blue eyed favorite of Mr Brooks i seem to recall and
Worst house Captain ever ;-).


Mike Stephens

From "Alex Leppard" alex.peck@shaggy.lineone.net Thu Feb 10 11:46:29 2000

Hi I've just been looking at the old scholars site and didn't expect to see a picture of Roding girls, thank god I don't look like that now. I was in the same year as Paul Andrews sister Claire and the same year as Sam Newman who went out with Martin Lamb (Larry).
My maiden name was Leppard, but you probably won't remember me.
I am still in contact with some of the Roding girls: Mandy Marlow, Thalia Stephens, Leanne Mason, Sam Newman and a few other people who were in my year.
Hope you get some more photos soon,
Great web site

From "Martin Lamb" me.lamb@virgin.net Sun Dec 26 01:51:31 1999


Was searching on 'Hockerill' and have just stumbled across your website. My name is Martin Lamb, I was in Roxwell dorm same years as you were in Roding. I have not seen or heard from anyone since leaving Hockerill so coming across your site was a bit of a shock but nice to see. I often wonder what has become of our old school chums. Time is definitely passing us by!
Time is now late so will e-mail you again sometime to pass on more details.

Martin Lamb