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March 8, 2007 It is with great sadness that I have to report the death of Nickolas Fisher from the class of 85. more details can be obtained from here . On behalf of all Hockerill Old Scholars our condolences go out to family and friends at this time. Please use the Forum for messages regarding this tragedy.

April 23, 2006 Class of 96 reunion details added

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This is not a page I envisaged doing on this site but as we grow older it becomes inevitable. Please use the forum to place messages of condolence. Click here for obituaries.


The Beginning And The End

Hockerill was founded in 1980 when two state run boarding schools, Fyfield and Kennylands joined together to form a new school in Bishop's Stortford. Both schools were mixed gender and boarders only. The school was closed in 1994 to make way for Hockerill Anglo European School which, I believe is privately funded.

Pictured right is the library and art block with the entrance to the dining room corridor.

If any members of the original staff would like to add any more information about the school, please feel free to contact me.

This Site
This site has been produced to provide a point of contact for anyone who went to Hockerill, and to provide some memory jogging reality to those of us who feel like it was only yesterday.

In this site you will find photo's from mine and my two brothers time at the school along with some photo's that have been kindly donated by others who will be credited. Names have been added where possible and can be updated with your help. As most of the photo's are from our time at the school they mainly cover early to mid eighties Roding boys with a couple from Roding girls which I think I obtained when I was either going out with or fancied someone. If you would like to send me any photo's from other houses, be my guest.

The Latest Mail page has messages received from old scholars recalling there memories of Hockerill, commenting on the site or just saying hello. When messages are received, the email address is added to the Email Directory so that people have a point of contact.

The Reunions page has been set up so that people can advertise yearly reunions and information about allcomers reunions can be posted. There will, hopefully, be contacts for each year that left Hockerill who will coordinate with myself for the bigger events.

The links page is a new option where you can place a link to your own homepage if you have one. Also on this page are links to other sites that are directly or closely linked to the theme of this site.

The contact page holds all the information you need to contact this site.